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How to spot a University of Sussex student based on their style

A definitive list of fashionable stereotypes

Just like every other university, the students at the University of Sussex have staple items of clothing that just go so well with Brighton culture.

Whether you go to the University of Sussex or not, here is a crash course on how to identify a Sussex student based purely on their attire.

1. Doc Marten shoes

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Anyone who's been anywhere near Brighton knows that the most popular shoes around are Doc Martens.

Whatever colour or style you choose, you'll fit right in stomping around the beach or the Lanes in these boots. Bonus points if they're veggie or vegan.

2. Baggy trousers

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We don't all satisfy the hippy stereotype of Brighton, but those of us who do are sure to own at least one or more pairs of baggy colourful trousers. However, they're from independent shops in the lanes rather than from your 'gap yah in Thailand'.

3. Piercings and tats

Legend has it that a Sussex student once broke a metal detector due to the sheer amount of metal in their body. Jokes, this isn't true but it's a fact that you will definitely leave uni with at least one new piercing, tattoo or both!

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You'll give off even bigger Brighton vibes if it's clearer to all that you've really embraced living here when you dye your hair a funky colour.

4. Warm but stylish jumpers

Being so close to the sea means that it can get super cold out in town even if it's really sunny!

Any Sussex student will admit that their winter wardrobe is ready to be used at any point in the year so staying warm and looking cool is very important.

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The wine helps to warm up as well x

5. Eco-friendly accessories

Pre-loved clothing is a big vibe for students living in Brighton, it's cheaper and it's better for the environment.

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This is totes Sussex fashion

Instead of your usual rucksack or handbag, Sussex students love a tote bag with a funky pattern or quote on the side. It's ideal for carrying the food shop hope as well as using it for uni!

6. Colour, colour and more colour

Last but not least, Brighton style is known for being bold and beautiful and for embracing its inner rainbow. Colour is compulsory, the brighter the better.

But still remember, if you live in Brighton and whether you fit these descriptions or not, you'll be unapologetically accepted in for whoever you want to be.