Which Game of Thrones character is your course?

Sansa Stark never had to get a 2:1

Those of us that watch Game of Thrones are buzzing that it’s back following the long Easter break, which is more than we can say about being back at uni.

With that in mind, let’s imagine the characters of Westeros placed into the intrepid UK university scene…

Medicine – Daenerys Targaryen

Started by being bossed around, but highly valued as there are not enough of them. They try to help as many people as they can throughout a very, very long journey with many obstacles in their way (Jeremy *unt). They can be in over their heads but they never crack.


Nursing – Missandei

They are the bridge between the doctor (Daenerys) and the patients, the Khaleesi would not have survived without these loyal folk with their impressively vast knowledge on many people of many places.


Midwifery – Gilly

They will never let go of that baby. Literally – not even a White Walker can stop them.


Psychology – Petyr Baelish

They never stop playing mind games. They know how to get into someone’s head, seeming to empathise but do they genuinely care? Most probably not.


Biomed – Cersei Lannister

Jealousy is ripe in these ones, they want what they can’t (yet) have but they sure are persistent and will stop by no means to get their way eventually. They are out for blood, watch your back.


Physiotherapy – Daario Naharis

Strong, athletic, sporty and constantly looking for their next adventure. They seem to always have their wits about them, as they share interesting relationships with the medics (Daenerys).


Healthcare Sciences – Tommen Baratheon

What do you even do?


Law – Tyrion Lannister

Pretty damn big brains, perhaps a bit cocky sometimes but very analytical. Most often found debating and outsmarting others, they make a lot of enemies despite being much more suited to actual trials than trials by combat. Also, his name sounds a bit like Barrister.


Radiography – Rickon & Bran Stark

We have always been told there are two types, nobody’s sure which one is which though. I mean, you barely even see them. Radiographers… where you hidin’?


History – Lord Varys

They know a lot, and I mean a lot. How do they store it all up there? Their extensive knowledge on all people and things will get them places.


Education – Margaery Tyrell

Definitely good with children, especially considering Margaery married two. Happy, caring people just trying to make it in life.


Paramedic Science – Brienne of Tarth

Ready to rush to the scene, they will always find you. They follow a strong sense of the need to help and save lives, and maybe find a Jaime Lannister on the way 😉


Maths – Joffrey Baratheon

It will literally kill you.


English – Jorah Mormont

Definitely have a way with words, plus you can just totally see Ser Jorah as your secondary school English teacher. We bet he loves a good novel,and he had plenty of experience reading and writing Daenerys’ letters.


Philosophy – Arya Stark

Like Arya, these deep-minded students are learning about new entities and ideologies (or something like that). You thought it’d be an easy route, but it turned out much harder than expected – you may as well be blind.


Geography – Ygritte

Even her name sounds like a type of rock. We doubt she had to learn about urban cities and populations but she is the girl for it, outdoorsy and ballsy – she’d ace her fieldwork, and her module was definitely cold environments.


Sciences – Ramsay Bolton

Biology/chemistry/physics? They’re actually mental. No surprises if their degrees turn them mad.


Economics – Stannis Baratheon

They’re always after more. Very strategic and calculating individuals, they know what they’re after and they’ll ‘study’ hard to make sure they get it.


Gap Year – Jaime Lannister

Privileged kid that inherited a lot of money, travelling here and there, really hoping to find themselves in exotic lands like Thailand or Dorne.