Bristol UWE is the home of MDMA, coke, ket, LSD and laughing gas

And Sussex is number one for weed and shrooms

Bristol UWE can claim the crown for taking the most MDMA, cocaine, ketamine, LSD and nos. We can only hope they aren’t doing all of these at once.

The Tab’s huge narco-poll of over 10,500 reveals 79 per cent of students have admitted to taking drugs, an all time high. We can now also reveal the drug capitals of the UK.

Based on which unis have taken each drug, UWE took the crown. For MDMA, 84 per cent admitted taking it.

For ketamine, 55 per cent said they had tried it. A further 73 per cent said they’d taken cocaine.

They scored highest on LSD, with 27 per cent. And the figure reached a high of 87 per cent for laughing gas.

We found perennial pill-poppers at Sussex take the most shrooms – at 40 per cent – and smoke the most weed – at 87 per cent.

And Belfast is the capital of mephedrone, with a quarter of QUB students showing they’re still stuck in 2009.

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Durham and Warwick have battled it out at the bottom for the most boring city. Durham take the least MDMA, mephedrone and smoke the least weed whereas Warwick students smash the least coke, ketamine and shrooms. Bless them, I’m sure their parents will be proud.

These results come from our 2016 survey in which students were asked which drugs they’d taken, and how often they’d taken them.

Bristol UWE and Liverpool John Moores are the druggiest unis in the UK with 89 per cent taking drugs. Manchester and Sussex come third and fourth with 88 per cent and 87 per cent respectively.

See below how many students at your uni have tried MDMA, cocaine, ketamine and laughing gas.

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