Edgware is the true cultural capital of London and maybe even the UK

No, not Edgware Road

Ah, Edgware. Far superior to Stanmore on one side, and not quite as flashy as Mill Hill on the other. It’s stuck between these two apparently “better” (more expensive) towns, yet it actually comes out on top in almost every way.

Many people haven’t heard of Edgware. In fact, if you mention Edgware to anyone outside of the Barnet Borough they’re most likely to scratch their head and ask if you actually meant Edgware Road, or if that’s the place where the Northern Line terminates.

Well, we know it’s more than just the place people who live in Zone 3 end up when they doze off on the tube on their way home. It’s the best hometown you could possibly have.

You have anything you could possibly want in Edgware, and it’s thanks to amazing diverse community – where else could you find warm bread from a Kosher bakery, delicious Indian curry, sushi, Thai food, Caribbean and Turkish treats all on the same road?

The 288

The 288 is the king of buses. Is anyone truly a resident of Edgware until they’ve been on the 288? Only catering to Edgware, it’s so exclusive that it doesn’t need two floors (although remember when you’d occasionally get a double decker 288? Where did they come from?). The best part is that when you need it the most, the Oyster reader doesn’t work and you get a free ride.

The Broadwalk

The centre of every Edgware native’s childhood probably revolves around The Broadwalk. From the countless re-brandings (‘The Mall’? This isn’t America, this is North West London) and new logos to the constant changing of the shops inside. A few remain the same: the reliable WH Smiths and the Claire’s Accessories where all girls got their ears pierced without asking their mums first. 

There have been some bizarre things being sold there – remember when phone charms were all the rage? There they were, right in the middle of the Broadwalk. Whatever happened to the sweetcorn stall? They must have realised no one in their right mind wants to snack on sweetcorn. Ever.

End of the line

Commuting from Egware is a wonderful thing. Yes, you have to leave a fair bit earlier into town than most other Londoners, but here’s the most important thing: you get a seat on the tube. Yes, when the tube fills up and every seat is taken by Colindale, you can sit in your seat and smugly look up at all those fools who got on at Golders Green and have to stand for their whole journey.

It’s not just about the morning commute though – when you’re on your way home, who can resist a doze on the tube? No one, that’s who. And if you so happen to take a snooze on the tube then you are likely to be politely woken up by station staff right at home.

The importance of this is really confirmed when you’re forced to take the N5 home – you can fall into a deep, alcohol-induced sleep on your 1-3 hour long journey and wake up right where you want to be. The long journey isn’t so bad when, let’s face it, the night bus is where the most fun people in London congregate, and the best of them stay on until Edgware. 

We know how to make our own fun

One thing we can openly admit is that Edgware is lacking in the accessible watering holes department. The few pubs are, quite frankly, terrifying, and there certainly isn’t anywhere to get a nice after work cocktail.

So, being from Edgware, you learn early on in your life that you have to find this kind of fun further into town – and that’s where the long tube journey comes in handy. 

We learnt to drink by being served by the newsagents that don’t ID (you know what I’m talking about) and having way more fun than you’d have in a pub drinking on the tube into central London.

For the joys of getting home after this night out, see above.

The Edgware Walker

Dubbed the Edgware Walker, we all knew this gentleman from walking up and down Station Road, whatever the weather, in running shorts and trainers. Until his sad passing well over ten years ago now, he was a permanent fixture in all of our lives in Edgware. Was he really a millionaire who lost his mind when his wife and children died in a car crash? Or was he a doctor with a huge house in Canons Drive until his wife left him with nothing? Whatever his story, he was an Edgware institution.

Above all… we can all agree that we’d rather live in Edgware than Burnt Oak. Nothing would be worth that, even the reduced train fare.