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A Newcastle student has made an Instagram account dedicated to blueberry trebs

It’s a page made with love

A fifth year Newcastle Uni student has made an Instagram account dedicated ENTIRELY to the infamous blueberry treb.

The student, who wants to remain anonymous, told The Newcastle Tab that they decided to create the account because, "A lot of my life decisions have been decided under the influence of the famous blueberry mixture.

"I looked through my photos from this year and they basically all had a blueberry treb in them."

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Can always re-sit.

A post shared by The Blueberry Treb (@blueberrytreb) on Feb 21, 2019 at 12:46pm PST

Despite only doing a three-year course, the student told us that blue trebs are the reason behind their five years at uni, saying that they've been "blessed and cursed by blue trebs".

When asked to describe the drink, the student said: "I'm a luxury, expensive drink and we come as a pair, with a shit sidekick normally."

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The home of the blue treb

The page has quickly grown in followers and is part of the new trend of Newcastle themed pages, like Overheard in Jesmond and Newcastle Confessions. The creator shows no signs of stopping and hopes to keep the page updated as long as they can have blueberry trebs.

The blueberry treble is one of the most iconic drinks of Newcastle, and for £6.50 you can get a pair of trebles and a Jägerbomb… a bargain.

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Contactless: Devils Work

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Whilst some people might make an Instagram account about their love of dogs or food, you've got to admire @blueberrytreb for speaking the truth.

See you in Soho.

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