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How to survive the rest of Veganuary when you move back to Newcastle

Even Greggs is getting involved

Veganuary is a charity based challenge trying to get people to give up all animal products for a month. Supposedly this year will be the "Year of the Vegan" due to over 250,000 people pledging to go animal-free this Jan. Yes, this means no cheese, no chocolate and no steak, even some wines are off the list.

You decided you'd give it a go, a month surely can't be that hard. You've made it this far, you're over week in, you can do it. There are bound to be lots of temptations especially as you move back to Newcastle, are on a tight budget and have to cook for yourself again. Here are a few ways to survive and some things that you can still eat whilst still saving the planet.

For the sausage roll lovers

Greggs have just released their own Vegan Sausage Roll in 950 stores across the country. The vegan sausage roll is made from Quorn instead of the traditional filling and is so good that a dozen stores have even sold out. At £1 a piece what's not to like? They're available in the stores on Northumberland Street, Jesmond and by Haymarket!

For the post night-out snack

The first ever McDonald's vegan Happy Meal has just been released featuring a wrap filled with shredded lettuce, ketchup and meatless "chicken" fingers. Not quite a Big Mac but still a good option for on your way home from Soho. There is talk of a vegan burger making its way around the UK too so really there's no excuse for a drunken cheat meal.

Vegan ice cream

Ben and Jerry's have released a number of non-dairy ice creams in all the classic flavours. Not only are they vegan but they are also much lower in calories then the everyday tubs. When it's a Friday after a heavy night at Swingers, don't fret, you can still have your beloved comfort ice cream.

Vegan on-the-go

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Another fun fact, these sausages are vegan and tasty, make them the night before a day in the library

If you want to treat yourself to some luxury food during the challenge, head to M&S. They have rolled out the "Plant Kitchen" within most of their stores. Selling a selection of ready meals, snacks, drinks and ingredients all making Veganuary that little bit easier. For Jesmond locals, Sainsbury's and Tesco both have some unreal microwave meals too – think pumpkin katsu curry and Thai curry.


Newcastle's fave drink is VEGAN. Photo credit: Chris Gray (Soho Rooms)

GOOD NEWS for Newcastle students as trebs are Vegan meaning you don't have to miss out on Soho, unless of course you're doing dry Jan as well – give yourself a break.


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If all else fails, Blanc are having a MEGA January sale so you can just drink away the sorrows of not being able to eat cheese. There's even vegan food on the sale menu too.