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Newcastle’s smallest box room of 2018: The Final

Big fish, little fish, the best cardboard box room

We've had three rounds of Newcastle's best and worst box room nominations. With around 500 student votes we now have our finalists. These guys are the most selfless and affable students in the whole of Newcastle. They have taken one for the team and now deserve your upmost respect.

The finalists are without simple bedside tables, double beds and wardrobes. They've suffered, so now we're celebrating their humble box rooms. We've gone all over Newcastle from freshers to finalists and here we are. Who gets your vote for the smallest box room of 2018?

Round one winner: Zach Thomas

Winning 43 per cent of the vote.

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Queens Terrace, Jesmond.


"Positioned at the top of the house, the room could be seen as the penthouse or broom cupboard hybrid – understated yet oozing class."

What it means to him to win?

"If Zach was to win this competition, he promises to buy an actual bedside table for the poor soul that has been burdened with his room next year."

Round two winner: Josh Mayne

60 per cent of the vote.

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63 Doncaster Road, Sandyford


"It is the most basic box room and is in the slums of Sandyford, many girls have ventured home with Josh and chose the sofa over his room."

What it means to win?

"It'll probably make his Twitter bio ngl."

Round three winner: Joel Hyde

Winning 38 per cent of the vote.

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Clayton Park Square


"Sleeping in this room or coffin is like a bush-tucker trial (our bathroom is genuinely bigger than my bedroom)."

What it means to win?

"Justice for all the small room martyrs in Jesmond – no double bed, no problem. Who needs a wardrobe in their room anyway?"