Video: 600 people turned up to a Castle Leazes party on Monday night

Leazes being lit

On Monday night Castle Leazes witnessed the best and most classic start to Freshers’ that Newcastle has ever seen, as 600 people turned up to an outside party.

Freshers Max Haller and Ollie McIntosh had the idea to give Castle Leazes a proper pres. They set up a DJ booth in the balcony connecting Marley and Balyes and used lighting from the lower floor rooms. The outdoor corridor had the decks on them with the crowd socialising and dancing below.

Organiser Max told The Tab: “Ollie and I just wanted people out of their mouldy kitchens and into the open air as one body.

“With a DJ like Pariss it was too easy, the sound of his magic decks pulled in half of Leazes. His vibrations were contagious. He was casting spells.”

Thom Pariss, who is also playing at Feral on Friday, started his DJ set at 8.30pm and by 10pm there were reportedly 600 Leazes Freshers partying below.

At 10.44pm security shut the party down, which was perfect timing for the crowd to continue their night in Toon.

Glorious Leazes

Glorious Leazes

They have called their night ‘MOMAC – Plate throw Mondays’, and hope to continue the party every week.

A first year Earth Sciences student who attended the party, said: “It was a really good event for our first proper night in Newcastle.

“The atmosphere was really great and it was a fun chance to meet Leazes people. No-one was rowdy and even though it got shut down, it was at the perfect time.”