Union president candidate, Ronnie Reid, launches campaign in Soho Rooms

He was making trebles and mingling with voters

Students’ Union President candidate, Ronnie Reid, launched his campaign in Soho Rooms last Wednesday ahead of voting week, starting Monday 6th March.

Donning a blazer, rosette and ‘Vote Ronnie’ cap, the potential president was pouring out drinks for many Soho-goers in an effort to get his run for office rolling.

Soho bouncer Pete is backing the bid

On the Facebook event he said: “Due to stringent restrictions on campaign funding, I can’t buy everyone drinks. However, I’d love as many of you as possible to come and have some blueberry trebles and help launch my campaign.”

Ronnie, who Tab readers may remember from his spontaneous interview with Nigel Farage in Osbornes last year, emphasised that his Soho stunt had more of a point to it than just having a few drinks with potential voters.

He said: “As much as this is a bit of fun, there is a message behind this. I want to strive to make university life more affordable for students to make sure that they can spend more on what they really want to do.”

Ronnie’s support was out in force

His policies include letting students type exams and better speakers for talks on campus, rivalling those at other universities.

He also places huge importance on bettering mental and physical health services within the university.

“In the context of potential funding cuts as a result of hard economic times, I will do everything to protect and proactively promote mental health schemes and funding.”

Voting for the new NUSU president begins on Monday at 2pm.

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