Watch: Nigel Farage tells Newcastle students to ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ over EU vote

He was getting boozy in Osbornes

Nigel Farage has told Newcastle students to “wake up and smell the coffee” regarding their decision on the EU referendum, having been interviewed by a student in Osbornes.

Second-year Ronnie Reid grabbed an opportunity to go on Facebook Live and chat to the UKIP party leader, asking him for his thoughts on how the EU vote could affect Newcastle students.

Nige has been meeting students in Osbornes

Farage said: “Wake up and smell the coffee! What’s the matter with you people?! We’re going to go on with the Erasmus scheme, we’re going to go on trading with Europe, being friendly with Europe, being matey with Europe.”

“But there’s a great big world out there. For young people, how are any of you going to buy a house? With a population increase of half a million a year, unless Mummy and Daddy are very rich, how are you ever going to buy a house?”

“Vote to get our country back.”

You can see the video here:

Or here to watch on Facebook.

He also said: “The fact that the vote had become a civil war in the Tory party is bad news.”

It’s unknown as to whether he got the red wine free on the happy hour buzzer

Nige also said that the red wine he was drinking was “bloody marvellous”.

The EU referendum takes place on the 23rd June.