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Olly Clink
Newcastle University


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Yxng Bane is playing at House of Smith on Sunday


Mensbar is going to be renamed as ‘Luther’s’

It’s a reference to MLK

The Students’ Union are finally changing the name of Mensbar

It’s taken nearly three years

Union president candidate, Ronnie Reid, launches campaign in Soho Rooms

He was making trebles and mingling with voters

The Christian Union are giving out free food and drink this week

They’re asking the ‘Big Questions’ about Christianity

Newcastle Agric Society ‘temporarily suspended’

The president, secretary and treasurer have all resigned

‘You can get three trebles for a fiver’ and other lies you tell about Newcastle

‘Scotty T is my best mate’

EXCLUSIVE: Ill! Behaviour will be hosting an end-of-exams party at Digital

Amine Edge & DANCE are headlining on 27th January

A Newcastle third-year was hit on by The Governess on The Chase last night

He told The Tab: ‘What more can a guy want?’

Blanc are offering £2 drinks from Monday to Friday throughout January

Goodbye, exams

Byron Newcastle are giving out free burgers next Wednesday from 6pm

It’s for the first 250 people

Exam help could be given to Newcastle students if they don’t like sensitive topics

They might be exempt from doing assessed work

The Geordie Shore cast were ‘booed out of Riverside’ on Saturday night

Someone threw a drink at Marnie

How to be the quintessential Jesmonder

Put down your Waitrose coffee and read this

Three arrested in connection with 18-year-old’s death at the weekend

Two 19-year-olds have been released on bail

Newcastle Student Council to vote on shutting down anti-abortion society

They say that Life Society is “harmful to students”

Newcastle graduate fined for selling alcohol at a house party on Glenthorn Road

He didn’t have a licence

Meet the Newcastle third year who was flown to launch Jack Wills in the US

Ella spent her summer sipping champagne on a yacht

New ‘secret society’ cards offering discounts across Newcastle

Who doesn’t want half price burgers?

Demolition work starts on Ricky Road

RT if u cried

Newcastle tuition fees to potentially rise above £9,000

They could be at a record-breaking high

Teenagers sentenced for Newcastle Primark toddler abduction

They had skipped school to do it

Jeff Stelling visits Newcastle uni

His son might be joining in 2017

Watch: Nigel Farage tells Newcastle students to ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ over EU vote

He was getting boozy in Osbornes

Piccy Road: Ricky’s best pictures

It’s like Clubbers of the Week, but in a shitty halls

Best of ‘Spotted: Ricky Road’

Yeah, that one is definitely about you

We met at Ricky Road in 1989 and now we’re married

They met outside Block 4

The best stories of Ricky Road

There’s one about an orgy

Coming soon: ‘Ricky Road Week’

Ricky ’til I die

Newcastle’s relegation is going to make my final year miserable

Where even is Burton?

Clubbers of the week

Did the camera catch you?

We want to hear your best Ricky Road stories

A love letter to custard coloured walls

Former Newcastle student still missing following Brussels attacks

Downing Street have said they are concerned

Christian Union’s Text-a-Toastie is back TONIGHT

Praise the Lord

Stormzy: ‘Newcastle is now officially my second home’

Tell my man ‘Howay pet’

A Metroline social is the best kind you can have

It’s unique to Newcastle

Throwback revamped as ‘BoomBox’ for new SU Saturday night

They’ve got the Swingers DJ’s

A Sainsbury’s is opening in West Jesmond

It will be opposite the Metro

Newcastle second year sets up his own site where you can trade stuff with people at uni

You can only register with your uni email

Watch: Newcastle second year waxes off his eyebrow for charity

He raised £80

What to do in Newcastle when your friend is up for the weekend

Make them really jealous

Introducing Zoe Waters: Alternative Model of the Year

She looks like the little mermaid

Tributes paid to Newcastle medics Aiden Brunger and Neil Dalton

Their families speak of their ‘horrific loss’

Meet the Newcastle third year whose betting business could make you a grand

He made £190 in 5 minutes

Crabs spotted crawling along Gateshead Metro platform

It’s a snappy service

Newcastle sinks down world rankings to 162nd

Northumbria wasn’t even deemed rankable

Facebook group promises Project-X style parties in Jesmond

It could be a free for all

Grads cut holiday short to help desperate refugees in Budapest

‘There were pizza boxes for beds’

Lau’s Buffet King given £3,000 fine for cockroach infestation

Some were found near open ice cream

Why don’t Newcastle graduates wear caps?

It’s all linked to tradition

Newcastle students more satisfied than Durham, says new league table

We have a laugh

How to get hammered in a lecture: Introducing the Lecture Drinking Game

When the slide is read out word for word, drink two fingers

Charity warn meningitis symptoms are just like a hangover

A Northumbria student died from the disease last week