Jesmond vs. Wesmond: where’s the better area to live?

Location, location, location

With house hunting in full swing and frantic students desperate to pick the best location, two Tab writers argue the case for which location is superior: West Jesmond or Jesmond?


Having lived on Sunbury Avenue for two years I can confirm West Jesmond is the clear winner. I mean, who really wants to be stuck in the dark depths of Manor House Road?

Living in West Jesmond is all about convenience. Everything you desire is literally right on your doorstep.

With the cosy and warm Lonsdale pub just opposite, boasting an all-day breakfast and student discount and of course the weekly pub quiz (yeah, the one that people won £2000 in once.)

The Dale is a home from home

You’re also seconds away from Sainsbury’s, the only Jesmond supermarket to stay open ‘til 11pm on a Sunday, and the place to which hundreds of hungry students make the pilgrimage with Saturday hangovers.

In addition, the West Jesmond Metro is so close, so there can be no more excuses about not making those pesky 9ams when you can be at Haymarket in 10 minutes. Day trips to Tynemouth? No problem for the savvy Wesmonder.

Bored of the hum-drum of Osborne Road? You’ll also find that you’re a stone’s throw away from the fabulous Brentwood Avenue; home to Cake Stories, Arlo’s and Dabbawal.

A hangover Sai-viour


Yeah, the Wesmonder might not be as close to the Dene but we do have the vast expanse of open fields, perfect for summer rounders.

So there you have it, West Jesmond is the chic older sister to try-hard Jesmond.


Actual Jesmond, the area that stretches from Osbourne Road to Jesmond Dene is undoubtedly superior to West Jesmond for so many reasons.

First, let’s talk about location.  Living on this side of Jesmond means that you’re closer to Osborne Road, closer to town and closer to uni.

Our lack of an easily accessible Metro is actually an advantage, since it means we get some exercise by actually walking places unlike the lazy West Jesmonders.  It also means we save money as we aren’t spending £25 a month on a Metro pass.  Talking of which, taxis to and from town are cheaper as well, which means we have more money for those all important trebs.

Witness the fitness

This part of Jesmond is also home to several key Jesmond institutions.  Most importantly, we have Pinetree, the healthy extension of every self-respecting Jesmonder’s social life.  Attending Pinetree is pretty challenging if you live in West Jes, whereas it’s just a short stroll for us, making it easier to for us to pretend to work out while actually just debriefing our gym pals on who shagged who last night. We also have Jesmond Dene, everyone’s favourite location for hungover walks, cliché Instagrams and unoriginal dates.

We also have better shops. West Jesmond may have the soulless Tesco and Sainsbury’s, but we have the eclectic delights of R&K’s and Mr V’s. We also have Waitrose, the undisputed Queen of supermarkets, because where else can you buy essential items like sea-salt focaccias and artichoke hearts?

Why wouldn’t you live this end?

Most importantly, it’s just much more fun. Think of the best house parties you’ve attended over the past few years, where have they all been?  I’m pretty sure they probably weren’t in West Jesmond.  The S&M party? Gowan Terrace.  The hot tub party? Cavendish Place. Need I continue?

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