Poppy Kevelighan

Gin Festival returns to Newcastle

G&Ts for days

I’ve fallen in love with my lecturer

They’re probably married, but at least I’ll get a first

NUSU to offer consent classes for Freshers

They will be scheduled into all freshers’ timetables

Jesmond third years rent a hot tub for the weekend

Water way to start term

Wrangler’s new campaign demonstrates false feminism at its finest

Don’t worry girls, you’re #MoreThanABum

Just because you bought me a drink doesn’t mean I owe you my company

I dgaf who buys my drink

A girls’ guide to protein

No, it won’t make you look bulky if you don’t want to

You’ll consume 20,689 calories in Freshers’ Week

That’s 10,000 more than you need

A look inside the luxurious world of Jesmond’s new Tesco

There are now 14 self-service checkouts

It turns out triangle bras aren’t better for your boobs

At least they look good

A psychosexual therapist tells us why we cry after sex

It’s a chemical reaction to your pleasure hormones dropping

Why I will never date a younger boy

They’ll tell their friends everything

Mums give us their best dating advice

‘Never stay with a man who buys himself more presents than he buys you’

We asked girls to show us their best booty call texts

‘Hey are you still up ;)?’

I tried glitter roots at Glastonbury to see if it actually worked

I looked like a fairy

We shouldn’t be worried about the ‘millennial man drought’

29 per cent more women graduated than men

Review: The best supermarket gin and tonic tins

Because there’s more to life than Gordon’s

An open letter to my fresher self

Try not to fall asleep during pre-drinks

What does your piercing say about you?

Are you edgy or try hard?

What to do in Newcastle after exams

If you do nothing else, at least go to the pub.

Newcastle Union are providing drug-testing kits for £3

Ever wondered what’s actually in that pill?

‘I think they’re too drunk to care’: What it’s like to work as a caterer at weddings

Please don’t hand me your used cocktail stick

‘Enough is enough’: Anti-rape protest organised in Heaton Park

There are posters stuck up around the Robbo

Newcastle uni launches new Safezone app

It lets you raise alerts if you need help

Increase in taxi mobile phone thefts

Drivers are stealing phones used as collateral when their passenger gets cash

Newcastle RAG Take Me Out is back

Let the Toon see the totty