A look inside the luxurious world of Jesmond’s new Tesco

There are now 14 self-service checkouts

While you’ve all been away, everyone’s favourite Tesco has had a makeover.

There is now ample space just inside the doors as the tobacco counter has been replaced by a large magazine, greetings card and stationery section.

The tobacco counter has been moved to the back of the store, where the self-service checkouts used to be.

Talking of the self-service checkouts, the most exciting part of the store’s new look is that there are now 14 swanky new self-service checkouts available, making it much easier to stock up on hangover snacks whilst avoiding the judging eyes of the checkout workers.

Other highlights of the transformation include an improved selection of spirits.

However, not everyone is happy with the revamped store.  Third year English Literature student Patrick is ‘very upset’ at the decreased number of vegetarian ready meals now on sale.

Patrick holding one of the two vegetarian ready meals now available

On the whole though, the store’s makeover has made it more spacious and better looking, which is definitely a good thing.