There’s going to be a Swingers reunion event in London

It will be in Brixton in mid-September

Swingers came onto the scene in 2013. Since then, many a memory was made and forgotten on that wooden decking. But fear not – whether you’re a southerner at home for the summer or a bereft graduate – swingers is heading south and arriving in London for a reunion.

The date of the event is to be announced but will be held in Brixton and will run from 7pm until 3am.

Connor, co-founder of StageOne Events, told The Tab: “Basically we’re wanting tho throw a big end of summer reunion for all Newcastle Uni students, old and new.

“It’s a chance for graduates to catch up with old uni mates, a chance for current students to all be together and have a night together like at uni.

“So, we’re bringing Swingers down to Brixton. Taking over the entire club, three rooms including the outdoor smoking terrace.

“The music policy will be disco, funk, soul in one room, house, tech, old school in another.”

Sara, a Newcastle grad, says: “I remember when Swingers started and we started going there instead of Dance at Koos. Out went the heels and dresses, and in came the signature baggy jumpers and rolled-up ciggies of the Swingers smoking area.”

The music will be played by Hip Hop DJs from London and current Newcastle uni DJs – old and new.