Why Newcastle is the best uni in the UK

Toon 4 life

When you come to Newcastle you’ll never want to leave.

The locals are amazing, there’s always something to do. Life in the Toon never has a dull moment. Here are the main reasons why this place is the best place to go to university.


Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds… They may rave about their nightlife, but since they don’t know what a treble is, we can only assume its inferior. You can spend less than a tenner in Sinners and Soho, and go on to the club a little bit more than tipsy. After a semester at Newcastle its hard to believe triple measures are exclusive to the city, but in terms of a regional drink it’s a pretty good one.

Diversity of Night-life

Guilty pop at Flares, Indie dreams at Rebel Thursdays, R&B at Tup Tup or even traditional German music at Bierkeller.  Newcastle caters for every type of student. You’re spoiled for choice on every night of the week, which is good because you’ll find yourself out on many.

With rock-bottom student prices and great offers all over town, having a value but brilliant night out is just too easy and too tempting in the Toon.

Fancy Dress

No night out in Newcastle is complete without a theme. You can wear what you couldn’t get away with on a night out in other cities, and be at a university where social sec is one of the most sought after roles in a society. You’ll leave with a box of accessories and outfits you’ll struggle to find an excuse to wear again.


Jesmond Dean

Considered one of the most affluent areas in Newcastle, and yet affordable to students. From the stylish Osbourne Road to the idyllic dean, its hard to imagine that this is a student haven.

Not only this, there are three supermarkets and the housing is fairly cheap (at least it’s nothing like London). The buzzing bars, restaurants, cafes and shops mean you don’t even have to leave Jesmond to have a great time.


People seem to forget that Newcastle is also a major music scene. It offers opportunities for bands on the rise in ThinkTank and The Cluny, with more established bands and chart-topping artists found playing the O2 Academy or Metro Arena.

For art enthusiasts, entry to the Baltic is free and football fans can go to a match at the atmospheric St James Park without having to leave the city. Plus, you can immerse with so many cultures just whilst studying – 29% of Newcastle’s students are international.

National Trust hidden treasures on the outskirts of Durham

It’s not Durham, and it’s not Northumbria

It’s in between. A Goldilocks uni. Get the prestigious Russell Group degree, but without sacrificing the vibrant city. But, if you want to explore the historic city of Durham  you only need to get on a 10 minute train. Newcastle students sit in the a perfect balance between fun and university reputation, where our student experience is ‘just right’.

You’re close to the beach and countryside

You’ll probably have noticed there is no lack of green hills surrounding Newcastle when your Mum drives you up to uni. Fancy a day at the beach? It’s only a metro ride away.


Something most cities don’t have. It’s way more reliable than the bus and  works out cheaper. Also allows you to have a cracking Metroline social.


It might not impress the grandparents like Oxbridge would have done, but it does have the respect of employers. The Complete University Guide’s stats show that our graduate prospects are higher than other leading unis including LSE, Edinburgh and Manchester to name only a few.

The Geordies

Who could forget the wonderful locals, that make you feel so at home in their city. From the lady behind reception in the SU to the Greggs staff on Northumberland Street, every Geordie seems to have a friendly and welcoming attitude in common (even when you are struggling to decipher  the accent).

Newcastle has everything you could want from your University experience, it’s the sort of place where you end up doing a masters just so you can carry on being a Newcastle student for that extra year. It’s commonly said your time at university will be the best years of your life, the person who first said that definitely came to Newcastle University.


Photo credit: Max Cooper photography (NKD NCL)