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Meg Long
Newcastle University


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Digital to host ‘One Love Manchester’ charity event

All the money raised will go to the Red Cross to help terror attacks victims

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In the final days of campaigning Jeremy Corbyn wins over crowds

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Dream big, win big

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Which one are you?

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Microwaves in the library to start with

A guide to Newcastle’s best cocktail bars

For when you want to be a bit Rah

Which supermarket brand are you?

Face it, no one’s really a Waitrose

1 in 50 Southampton students will be a victim of violent or sexual crime

it’s nearly 1 in 30 for students at Southampton Solent University

One in 50 Nottingham students are victims of violent and sexual crime

We’re half as likely to be robbed as students at Trent

Three per cent of Oxford students will be a victim of violent or sexual assault

Twice as high as students at Oxford Brookes

One in 50 students will be a victim of robbery, burglary or violent and sexual crime

You are twice as likely to be a victim of sexual and violent crime than a victim of robbery or burglary

Asking ‘You don’t eat bacon?’ and other ways to offend a vegetarian

You probably do it without noticing

London student dies of meningitis only two days after falling ill

She was told by her GP she had a flu like virus

How to absolutely nail your first year at Newcastle

‘Visit Durham and realise why Newcastle is superior’

Hillary Clinton fainted, once. That doesn’t make her an unfit presidential candidate

Would the media be calling her out so much if she was a man?

Festival goers at YNot? looked wavy this weekend

Looking sassy

Things you only get if you’re from Preston

You’re sick of explaining to people what a butter pie is, aren’t you?

How to nail your outfit for Parklife this weekend

Because if you don’t look stylish in your Instagram did you even go?

Why we’ll miss Halls

Being naked in winter cause the heating was free

Can people stop hating on freshers in the library

We all pay £9000 a year

Why Newcastle is the best uni in the UK

Toon 4 life

We could be getting a week off after January exams

Because we need at least a week to recover

The Warehouse is the best club in the North West

Everyone loves a bit of Warey

St Mary’s: The Newcastle accommodation you’ve never heard of

There’s only two buses an hour

Newcastle campus style: Coats special

Because it’s really cold

NUSU Elections: Meet the Editor of The Courier candidates

It’s the most popular position this year

Campus style: February

Did you make the cut?

Campus style: Boys V girls

Who wore it best?

Campus fashion: New semester, new you

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