Opinion: What I think of the strikes as a first-year Newcastle student

As a student, strikes can be challenging and confusing, especially as a fresher

We rated 15 horses racing at Blinkers based entirely on their names

P.S. the real race is for the bus at the end

Jesmond locals brand students ‘yobs’ in BBC documentary

‘We are England’ shows Jesmond residents unfairly painting a negative picture of the students living here

‘This period has taken a colossal toll’: Living with social anxiety post-lockdown

Lockdown is nearing its end. Yet for some, there are still difficulties on the horizon

I deleted Instagram for a month and here’s what I found

The addiction is indeed real

‘Stuck in the middle’: What it’s like to be an international student right now

While the uni experience is unforgettable, it is also heavily romanticised

Grey’s Monument is actually great and not as problematic as people think

Earl Grey was a career reformer who abolished slavery

Newcastle University student calls out the Uni for lack of diversity

Dorothy Chirwa believes Newcastle Uni must do better

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