Kate’s food challenges: I demolished a 27 inch pizza

It was bigger than a car tyre

You can see by the size of this thing it was definitely a worthy food challenge for Kate’s Food Challenges.

In a small pizzeria in Glasgow, called Toni’s Pizzeria, it was possibly one of the most delicious pizzas I’ve ever eaten.

With a 27 inch diameter, this gargantuous pizza was quite a sight and even caught a lot of passer-by’s attention when they walked past.

I had 90 minutes to finish this “party for one” to win a t-shirt and to be on their Wall of Fame which consists of only 2 people. And obviously – all the bragging rights.

At first, I was quite confident because pizza is my personal favourite food of all time. I was powering through the tasty pizza, piece by piece. It was going down smoothly probably because the quality was perfect.

The guys working there even played “Eye of the Tiger” to try and motivate me to get this one as a win in the bag.

I had a few guys come to support who were great laughs, and my good friend Charlie to help support and listen to all my silly camera needs whilst filming (such a babe). They were all brilliant company – keeping me laughing and smiling the whole way through.

Taking on the centre with all the thick cheese to try and get the hardest bit out the way, I was slowly working my way towards the edges. However, around the 20-30 minute mark, the cheese wall was going up. And it was going up hard.

But with Toni, the guys and Charlie behind me, as well as my own sense of pride and not wanting to admit another loss, I carried on with each bite as much as I could.

I also drink a milkshake whilst doing challenges – it helps my taste buds by differentiating between savoury and sweet. I definitely wouldn’t have gotten as far as I did without it.

When I got just the crusts, things were looking up a bit with not much left to go. But the sheer amount of dough/cheese/tomato (mainly the cheese) was making each bite harder to chew and swallow. I was really struggling now.

So I decided to do something gross.

I did something I’ve seen before with these challenges and covered it all with water – not ideal. It helped a little I’ll admit, but it still the amount of crusts I had left… I don’t think it was enough.

I had to call it quits at 80 minutes, however feel like I gave it a really good go, and reckon in a few months time I will definitely come back for a rematch. I’ve been so overwhelmed with the feedback on my video – as another loss after Longhorn’s – I was waiting for the trolls. But everyone has been so kind, which has kept my morale high. Thank you everyone for being so nice and I will definitely have a win for my next challenge.