‘I thought a pig would be jokes’: Newcastle’s most lols tattoos

That is on your skin forever

Alex, second year

“Hakuna matata”

“It means no worries”

Signing his life away…

That pain face…

Alex also has another little naughty one…

Will, second year, Newcastle

Ninja Turtle

“Well I did it knowing I’d regret it. But I did it to cross off the bucket list hence putting it in a place not very many people can see. Oh and I was very sober”

Tom, first year Urban Planning, Newcastle

The stickman

“My friend and I were bored one day thinking of things to do and we just thought ‘let’s tattoo ourselves’ so we went to town bought the stuff and did them on each other.”

And a wrench…

“The wrench, I was in Leeds for the day with the same guy and we were joking about what tattoos we could get next and we both played ratchet and clank as kids and he said why don’t you get that and I just loved it straight away so went to the shop and got it done”

Liam, second year, Newcastle

“I thought it would “bee” kinda cool”

Jake, third year, Newcastle

“The pig is because I was a shepherd and I hated sheep, so I thought a pig would be jokes. I got the elephants last year to cover up something much worse. We don’t talk about that”

Harry, first year, Newcastle

“I don’t know why I got it, I just wanted something in Latin”

Zandy, third year, Newcastle

“I was in Thailand, and I’d wanted this quote for ages.

“I was too drunk to write it myself, so I let the Thai man do it. Sadly it’s spelt wrong, and you can barely read it.”

“I love Africa, and wanted an African elephant, but alas, they gave me a Thai elephant instead – whoops”