NSR Go Too Far

Power hungry nerds ban good lads from show!

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Killjoy #1 Rachael Foster

Power hungry station managers at Newcastle Student Radio threw its star presenters out of the studio – while they were on air.

The Ed and Fred Show was dramatically cancelled by killjoys David Bendall and Rachael Foster after a few swear words and a Jay-Z song were deemed “too offensive”.

Presenters Ed Stapley and Fred Roberts were banned from broadcasting by the humourless student union apparatchiks, who claimed they had broken OfCom guidelines.

Killjoy #2

In fact, NSR is not governed by OfCom, as it is only broadcast online.

And they were livid when the presenters announced NSR’s listener figures, which The Tab understands had overtaken Bendall and Foster’s friend count.

NSR was unavailable to comment on the situation.