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Logan Jory
Newcastle University


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All Hail The Biggest NOC!

Sneaky Luc sneaks 1st place!

BNOC Of The Year: The Finalists

There can only be one. One man will take it all.

BNOC of the Year: Group 4

The final group of nominations where the winner will seize the last spot in the final.

BNOC of the Year: Group Three

More people to judge from your sofa.

BNOC of the Year: Group Two

The votes came in thick and fast for group one, so take your pick out of group two to make it into the final.

BNOC of the Year: Group One

An eclectic mix of 7 potential BNOCs kick off our first group of nominations. Let’s begin.

Mackem Marathon Fives

NUMHC fresher loses Fives and now has to run the Sunderland Marathon.

#onemoretune for Deluge!

VK sprays, Pullcam, Boobcam…one more. Just, one more.

It’s Made in Jesmond

Get ready to squeam


RIP Deluge at Legends.

BeatBoxing 2013: The Preview

Your official guide to the rollercoaster ride that will be BeatBoxing 2013.

Murder Inquiry In Jesmond

43 year old Kochs died from injuries sustained in an assault.

Stephen Graham Handed Sentence

Prof must fork out life savings as compensation to car owners.

Travel With Your Smart Card

Integrate travel around Newcastle onto your smart card in 2013

The Tab Tries: Chilli Wing Challenge

NSR Go Too Far

Power hungry nerds ban good lads from show!

What Are You Doing Tonight?

They might just find what you’re looking for.

Another Vandalism Spree Damages Jesmond

Students terrorised by rock-wielding maniac on Gowan Terrace

RAG Week: Curtains Down

Just in case you missed it, here’s what went down.

Liberty Quay Student Arrested

Sword? Machete? Disturbing images? We paint the true picture here.

Jesmond students in drug overdose

Group of male students hospitalised after ODing on 2CB

Facebook Ruined Your Social Life

Wasn’t life better when you didn’t have to worry if you would be tagged in that photo?

How to Defeat Leafleters

It is time we started winning this war on promoters.

Your Top Trebles Bar: The Results

Sinners picks up the trophy by a country mile.

The Perils of House hunting

The Tab’s guide to finding that glorious house in Jesmond.

The Naked Battle of NUBC

The guys and gals of Newcastle Uni Boat Club release rival naked calendars.

Your Top Trebles Bar

Have your say in the Tab’s mission to find out which is Newcastle’s most popular trebles bar!

Fruitylicious QCumber

Fruity clothing for any self-respecting student

Milking: The new craze?

Jesmond is sending this viral

Beer Pong at WHQ

At last a structured event being promoted which has the potential to be a corker, Studacity bring you the Newcastle Student Beer Pong Championship 2012.

Fire at Ricky Road

Typical student negligence leads to fire in Richardson Road Halls.

Hair care for down there

Thinking of tidying up downstairs? Here’s our guide to men’s pubecare, featuring an array of threatening tools.

Desserts Delivered

Desserts Delivered: magic delivered straight to your doorstep.

Lectures: An Arena to Impress

A few simple tips to impress in and get the most out of your lectures this year.

Laugh Louder

The Tab talked to James Pringle, founder of a smartphone App set to “create noise for live comedy”, introducing Laugh Louder.

MLK honoured 45 years ago today

On this day in 1967 Newcastle University awarded Martin Luther King an honorary degree, the only British University to do so.

The Tab Tries: Hangover Cure

Tab man Logan Jory tried a bytox hangover prevention patch and here’s his verdict.

Tab Tries: Hangover Cure

I tried a bytox hangover prevention patch and here is the long awaited verdict.

The Tab Tries: Hangover Patch

I tried a bytox hangover prevention patch and here is the long awaited verdict.

Newcastle’s Casanova

This list was found in the Robinson Library having been printed off and foolishly left for wandering eyes.

The Faces of a Hangover


Mr Wee Teng Woon, a Northumbria graduate, is personally funding £40,000 worth of prizes for students.

Haven of anonymity: unay confessions

Last week saw the birth of a rapidly expanding page on Facey B. After defeating a copycat page, ‘Newcastle Unay Confessions’ has since amassed over 2,200 likes.