The results are in: here are the LUSU Elections 2022 winners

Lancaster University, this is your 2022/23 Students’ Union FTO team

After a week of campaigning and voting, the LUSU Election winners have finally been announced.

This year, 19 candidates were running for only nine roles, with only two former officers re-running, and only one for the same role.

However, there was also the option to ‘reopen nominations’ (RON) for each role.

Following the beginning of campaigning last week and a Hustings taking place this Tuesday, the vote opened at 10 am on the 9th and closed today at 3 pm, giving students just over two days to decide who they want to see representing the Students’ Union for the next 12 months.

Full-Time Officer team 22/23:

President – India Ellis:


Photo from LUSU

India (she/her) received 1172 votes, beating the 941 votes cast for Hamza Dalvi. Only 90 votes were cast for RON.

Vice President Union Development – Callum Slater:

Callum (he/him) has been elected as the new VP Union Development after receiving 815 votes, beating both the 536 votes for Henry and 735 votes for Ciara. RON received 89 votes.

Vice President Education – Noah Katz:

Noah (they/them) was the only candidate for VP Education, and received 1263 votes while RON received 573.

Vice President Welfare – Vic Phillips:

Vic (she/her) received 855 votes, beating Will’s 514 votes,  Puru’s 693 votes, and Molly’s 273 votes. 67 votes were cast for RON.

Vice President Sport – Megan Homburg:

Megan (she/her) received 824 votes, beating Omar’s 514, and Eva’s 818. RON received 82 votes.

Students with Disabilities Officer – Cerys Evans:

Cerys was the only candidate for this role, receiving 1668 votes total, with RON receiving 165.

LGBTQ+ Students’ Officer – Joshua Newsham and Raen Nelson:

Josh (he/him) and Raen (the/them) have run for the role of LGBTQ+ Officer together, receiving a total of 1501 votes, while RON received 282.

Mature Students’ Officer – Rehmat Ullah:

Rehmat was the only candidate for Mature Students’ Officer, receiving 1420 votes, with 230 votes cast for RON.

Further information on the candidates can be found here and here, and all manifestos here.

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