Here are 14 things Lancs freshers have to try before the term ends

There’s more to life than your college bar

Recently we told you Freshers 14 things to avoid during their time at Lancs Uni and we thought it only fair to give you a definitive list of things that you have to ensure that you do.

Do you only leave campus to do a food shop at Lidl? Have you spent all of your first term saying you’ll try that one takeaway on campus that you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t yet? Is your first choice of a takeaway Dominos? If your answer to any of these questions is a yes, then this guide is for you.

There is so much to experience as a fresher in Lancaster, so don’t waste your three years just sticking to what you know and drinking the two for £12.50 pitchers at Spoons. Lancaster has a great nightlife, amazing views and loads of independent food spots for you to try out. From traditional pubs to an endless amount of Instagrammable spots, this list narrows down the choice for you and gives you an idea of the many things to do here.

1. Fylde Bar Food

We’re sure that you can skip a Spar meal deal for just one day. Get yourself down to Fylde Bar instead because the burgers are just too good.

2. Have a beer from the Brewery

You’ve guessed it, alcohol is pretty big in Lancaster and where better to drink beer than in a place that actually makes beer? It is really affordable to get pissed here, so sack off your afternoon lectures and go to the Brewery instead.

3. Take the 1 or the 1A bus and get to town in 10 mins

Are you even a Lancaster Uni student if you don’t get one of these buses to go into town?

4. Make use of the two for one cocktails at Craftys and/ or Grizedale Bar

Suggest to your flatmates that you go to Craftys before going to Sugar. For those Freshers who aren’t entirely sure what Craftys is (also known as Crafty Scholar), it is a pub with a dance floor, where you get get yourself in the zone for Sugar.

If you can’t be arsed to trek to town, Grizedale bar is the only bar on campus that does 2-4-1 cocktails, so make sure you go and drink 2 of your favourite cocktails for the price of 1.

5. Go to a pub quiz

Name a better way to spend all of your student loan and procrastinate that essay than on overpriced drinks at a pub quiz? The Stonewell Tap do a cracking quiz every Wednesday night. Get a team together, you may even win!

6. Watch the sunset from Williamson Park

The perfect place, no matter the season to sit and watch the world go by. It’s probably one of the most renowned places in Lancaster and is only a few mins walk from the bus stop in Bowerham.

7. Visit St Nicholas Arcade

St Nicholas Arcade (St Nick’s at the locals call it) is filled with many well known shops such as Boots and Superdrug, surrounded by more shops and food stall to try out.

8. Try Aquila Pizza

The pizza shop next door to Ados is one of the highest rated in Lancaster, according to the reputable source that is Just Eat and is an iconic Pizza place if you’re on the lookout to try something new.

9. Take a walk along the canal

It’s only a bus ride into town, get off at the Infirmary and the canal is right next to Aldi; you can’t miss it. We promise you it’s worth it.

10. Go for brunch at the Herbarium

It is not as well known as Brew, but the Herbarium is the perfect place to go for a vegetarian/ vegan meal. It is just down the road from Dalton Square, another part of Lancaster which is worth exploring, especially when there is Lancaster On Ice at Christmas time and markets there every week.

11. Have a drink at the Water Witch

Watching the world go by whilst enjoying a drink on the canal side. It is less of a student pub, but definitely worth going just for the views.

12. Be a part of the Greggs lunch queue

Greggs is a staple at Lancaster Uni as it satisfies all of our needs. At around 12-2 pm on campus, everyone wants their daily Greggs and the queue for this can be seen from the North Spine. Also, its right around the corner from the library so it’s easy to treat yourself after spending many all nighters in there.

13. Get featured on the Sultans Snapchat

Did you really have a night out if you haven’t been featured on the Sultans Snapchat story? Getting greeted with “Hello my friend” and being given a free bottle of water when you stumble in, still singing the songs that you heard in Sugar. The Sultan staff are one of the main reasons why they were voted the best takeaway on campus.

14. Do a pub crawl of all of the bars on campus (and make it out afterwards)

Yes, all of them. To be honest, there’s only eight (rip Grad bar) so it’s quite easy to get through them all, while progressively getting more drunk in each one. You have to make it to Sugar afterwards and do not flake as you see the bus pulling up. Power through.

As a Lancs Fresher, how many out of these 14 things have you already done? If there are still some on your bucket list, then there’s just over two weeks before the end of term.

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