LUSU elections 2022 FTO and PTO candidates announced: Part one

Election voting opens at 10 am on March 9th


Candidates for the Lancaster Students’ Union Full-time and Part-time officers 2022 have been announced.

The candidates for FTO & PTO positions began campaigning today, Wednesday 2nd of March at 9 am, with their hustings taking place Tuesday 8th of March at 7 pm in George Fox LT5.

The vote for the elections will open at 10 am on March 9th, closing at 3 pm on Friday, March 11th, and results being announced at 7 pm the same day.

Below are the Lancaster Students’ Union candidates for FTO & PTO positions for 2022. Within each category, there will also be a candidate named ‘RON’, standing for ‘Re-Open Nominations’.


India Ellis

India Ellis (she/her) is the current VP Union Development and this year is running for President. India says she “adores Lancaster” and that being a part of the Students’ Union has had a huge “impact” on the way Lancs has “changed [her] life”.

India stated: “I believe that LUSU has the potential to be that life-changing part of every Lancaster student’s time here – and if anyone has the key to unlocking that potential, it’s me”, and believes that “university should be a place for everyone”, as she herself is from a working class family. India says that as president, she will fight for, “a sector that does not discriminate”, “a university that welcomes all”, and “a union that gives back”.

Photo from LUSU

Hamza Dalvi (@hamzadalvi)

Final year politics student Hamza Dalvi states that throughout their time at university they have “been actively involved in trying to make Lancaster an enjoyable place for students”, and as the President of “one of the biggest and most diverse societies on campus”, they believe they “have the experience required to truly represent the student body”. Hamza says if they are elected president, “I will continue to do this and champion the voices of all students”.

Hamza’s manifesto states that they are fighting for “A Union for ALL students”, focusing on mental health, transparency, providing students with opportunities, accessibility, and inclusion for International students.

Vice President Union Development

Callum Slater (@callum.p.slater)

Callum Slater (he/him) is a final year LUMS student, and during his time at the university has been a “former JCR President, four-time NUS Delegate, two-term Trustee” and describes himself as a “proud, lanky ginger”. Callum believes “this role is simply built for me”, and urges people to look out for the hashtag “SLATER4GREATER” across social media to discover his manifesto. His manifesto involves strategies for developing LUSU services, Colleges, Climate Emergency, Governance and Democracy, and Finance.

Ciara Sowerby (@ciara4vpud)

Ciara is a third year Physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology student. Ciara spent two terms as Fylde College JCR President and took on the role of Welfare Officer in her first year. Ciara has “also worked for the Students’ Union as student staff on Open Days, co-captained my college’s Women’s+ Pool Team, and been the Music Society’s Welfare Officer since 2020.”, she believes this experience has equipped her with “an excellent knowledge of how the Students’ Union works, as well as what makes a successful VP Union Development.” Ciara hopes to redesign the SU website and “Ringfence LCO budget to protect liberation forums”.

Henry Blackburn (@henryb4vpud)

Henry (he/him) believes the SU can be better than it already is, stating, “I want to love it and I want you to love it. There is no Union without U”. His manifesto involves three main “core values”: “student-focused at every level”, “community and collaboration”, and “Feedback, Focus Groups, and Fix”. Henry has been on County College JCR all three years of this time at Lancaster, so believes he knows how the SU works. He would aim to “Reconnect the Student body to the SU”, improve engagement between “Colleges, JCRs and PG Board”, develop “Inclusion and Diversity” and will also focus on “Commercial Services”.

Vice President Education

Noah Katz (@katzcanlancs)

Noah (they/them) is a final year DELC student. They believe they are the best candidate since they’ve “done it all before – from serving as the Undergraduate Faculty Rep for FASS & Lead Rep for Languages to working as the Rep Admin at LUSU – running the Rep scheme.” Noah is also an NUS delegate, “President e Jewish Society and Assistant Station Manager of Bailrigg FM”. Noah aims to “Run a Kno-ah your rights campaign”, “reinvigorate our Rep system”, “secure automatic extensions when you have multiple deadlines on the same day ” and “reform exams”. They are using the hashtag “#KatzCan” across social media.

Vice President Welfare

Molly O’Reilly-Kime (@mollyforvpwelfare)

Molly (they/them) is a third year Computer Science student. Throughout their time at Lancs they have been involved with “working on society, Liberation Forum, and JCR execs in a variety of positions including welfare, socials, treasurer, and social media.” They believes they are aware of the “shortcomings of LUSU and will work hard to make students proud of their union again.”. Molly is hoping to improve on “housing and renters’ rights”, “equality and accessibility”, “safety”, and “communication and community”. Their campaign is using the hashtag “#BlimeyOReilly” on social media.

Puru Sharma (@puru1511

Puru (he/him) studies Law, but before coming to Lancaster states that he “spent over a year working in remote and, at times, conflict-ridden places providing support to the people who needed it.” Puru has also worked with various charities, and is currently the President of Amnesty International. Puru believes “that the SU has failed to represent the needs of the students and has been rather passive in addressing the wellbeing issues faced by the students”, and aims to be “proactive, accountable and connected with the students.” Puru wants to work on “reclaim your SU”, “knowing your rights”, and “safety”.

Will Owens (@willowens4luvpwelfare)
Will (he/him) has three main policies: “Smart Drug Policy”, “welfare on your nights out”, and “Welfare Officer Revamp!”, which he believes will “fill the gaps” that he has experiences during his time at the university. Will has also been a part of County College JCR as its Welfare Officer, and states “where there’s a Will, there’s a way to fix your welfare”.

Vic Phillips (@vp4vpwelfare)

Vic (she/her) believes she is the best option for VP Welfare. She states, “I am ALPACA: Ambitious, Logical, Persistent, Adaptable, Caring, Approachable”, and will work on “tackling safety issues”, “creating a network of mental health first aiders”, and creating “socials for everyone”. Vic is using the hashtag “VP4VPWELFARE” across social media.

More information on all of the candidates can be found here.

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