Quiz: Tell us your Lancaster habits and we’ll tell you which Squid Game character you’re most like

We know you’re just ‘dying’ to find out


If you’ve been keeping up with social media at all recently, you will know that the new TV show Squid Game has taken over our feeds, and after binging all nine episodes, it’s almost impossible to get it off our minds.

A Hunger-Games-style premise with a twist, Squid Game had us questioning the very basic instincts of human nature. Since all the characters differ so vastly in terms of their moral standings; from being honest and maybe too trusting until the end, to getting their way by any means necessary, it made us wonder how students are Lancaster would compare to some of our favourite and most perplexing characters.

Do you power through all your essays alone, determined to get the best grade possible, or are you the flatmate who always shares their Sultans fries with their friends? Chances have it, your decisions at uni could influence whether you make it to the end of the games – or your degree – and how you will fare along the way. So go ahead, if you dare, and find out how your lifestyle at Lancaster most resembles one of these fascinating characters.

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