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LUSU officer election results: What happened?

Less than 10 per cent of students voted – who did they vote for?

After three days of voting, Lancaster University students have elected the Full-Time and Part-Time officer teams to represent them within the Students’ Union.

There were only three Full-Time Officers from the 2020/21 academic year running for re-election for 2021/22, though this election was less controversial than the last LUSU election that included students voting on FTO positions, which was the summer by-election after the dismissal of the Students’ Union’s previous President. According to the Students’ Union website, 15,100 votes were cast throughout all elections by 1,874 voters – which is less than 10 per cent of all Lancaster students.

Full-Time Officer team 2021/22:

President – Oliver Robinson

Credit: LUSU

Robinson was re-elected by the student body with 853 votes cast for him; only 198 were cast to re-open nominations.

Robinson’s manifesto can be found here.

VP Welfare – Amy Merchant

Credit: LUSU

The second FTO to be re-elected for the coming academic year, Merchant was voted in by a margin of 836 votes to 467, with 72 to re-open nominations for the position.

VP Welfare’s manifesto can be viewed here.

VP Sport – Paul McCarthy

Credit: LUSU

Sports were in a difficult position this year, given that government guidelines prevented many from taking place – with that in mind, it’s no wonder that the current VP Sports wanted to re-run for election, and won, with 765 votes.

Paul McCarthy’s manifesto can be read here.

VP Union Development – India Ellis

Of the three candidates running for VP Union Development, India Ellis received the highest number of votes at the end of the voting period, and will be VP Union Development for 2021/22.

India Ellis’ manifesto can be found here.

VP Education – Gayatri Shewani

Education was the joint-most contested position, with four candidates running for the role. Gayatri won the election for VP Education, with 675 votes at the end of the count.

VP Education’s manifesto can be found here.

VP Societies & Media – Dom Casoria

VP Societies & Media also had four candidates running for the role, and Dom Casoria won the election after multiple rounds, with 616 votes when the count finished.

The manifesto for VP Societies & Media is available here.

Part-Time Officer team 2021/22:

LGBTQ+ Students’ Officer – Sophie Schulz

Of the two candidates running for this position, Sophie received the greatest number of votes, and will therefore be the LBGTQ+ Students’ Officer in the next academic year.

Sophie Schulz’s manifesto can be read here.

International Students’ Officer – Sonja Dembo

Dembo won with 547 votes beating competition from three other candidates for the position – making this position the most contested Part-Time role in the elections this year.

Sonja Dembo’s manifesto can be found here.

Women+ Officer(s) – Lydia Moodycliffe and Charli Clement

Credit: LUSU

This position was uncontested, with Moodycliffe and Clement being re-elected to share the role of Women+ PTO, with 14 per cent of the votes cast being to re-open nominations.

Moodycliffe and Clement’s manifesto can be read here.

BAME Students’ Officer – Max Kafula

Credit: LUSU

Kafula was the sole candidate for the position, and was elected following strenuous campaigning and publicisation of his “Ethnic Minority New Deal” – Kafula was elected with just under 20 per cent voting to re-open nominations.

Kafula’s manifesto is available here.

Students with Disabilities Officer – Lozzie Széll

Lozzie won this election, having had 1,163 votes cast for them during the process, with 157 votes to re-open nominations.

Students with Disabilities Officer’s manifesto can be found here.

Mature Students’ Officer – N/A

Nobody stood for election as the Mature Students’ Officer, so a by-election will be held at a later date to fill the position.

The full election details can be found here.

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