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New LUSU President elected in by-election

Following controversy with the RON Campaign

Oliver Robinson has been elected as President of Lancaster University Students’ Union in the recent by-election.

Following George Nuttall’s dismissal as President, a by-election was needed in order to decide who his replacement would be.

After a week of virtual campaigning, hustings events, and question and answer sessions – not to mention LUSU having to postpone the announcement of the by-election results, Lancaster students now know who will lead their Students’ Union into the 2020/21 academic year.

LUSU released the following statement on their website: “Over the last week, we have seen candidates passionately campaign for your votes digitally.  

The result and votes cast have now been verified we can now reveal your Students’ Union President and Chair of the Trustee Board for 2020-2021 is Oliver Robinson. Please note the by-election results are still subject to the outcome of an appeal.

Oliver will join the Officer Elect Team you voted for in March.

A massive thank you to all our members who voted in the election and had a say in who will lead your Students’ Union next year.”

The Students’ Union also noted that the RON (re-open nominations) campaign had been disqualified from the election: “The independent Returning Officer has decided that the ReOpen Nominations (RON) candidate has to be disqualified from the by-election for Lancaster University Students’ Union President and the count conducted with the remaining candidates.

“This decision was taken after multiple breaches of the regulations governing elections were reported to him regarding the ReOpen Nominations campaign. The NUS Returning Officer confirmed that there were multiple breaches of the rules outside the spirit of a fair and open election.

“This decision was based on evidence which the students’ union received from complaints made by student members which we are unable to share. We ask our members to recognise that this is to uphold the rights of privacy and confidentiality to the individuals involved.”

The overall voter turnout was around nine percent, with Furness College boasting the highest turnout.

It is important to note that former-President George Nuttall may still appeal the decision to dismiss him, and therefore should he win his appeal then he will be reinstated as President of Lancaster University Students’ Union.

President-elect Oliver Robinson’s manifesto can be found here.

*Featured image: @oliver4president