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LUSU President has been sacked

George Nuttall has been removed with immediate effect

The President of Lancaster University Students’ Union, George Nuttall, has today been dismissed from his position with immediate effect.

Following an independent investigation carried out by the Union, after receiving official complaints, Mr Nuttall has been removed from his position. In the past twelve months, the Full-Time Officers board has now lost three members, after the resignations of Ben Evans and Hannah Prydderch, due to “toxic culture” within the Union.

This comes after his reelection during Lent term, with nearly one-third of the overall turnout voting to reopen nominations (RON) against Mr Nuttall. In a statement released today, the Students’ Union say: “Lancaster University Students’ Union President and Chair of the Trustee Board, George Nuttall was awaiting panel outcome from office today following an independent investigation into complaints received by the Union.

“The Students’ Union has a duty to investigate all complaints and these are done in accordance with our policies and procedures.

“When the Students’ Union received the complaints, it began an investigation into the matter. The findings of the investigation were presented to Mr Nuttall.

“Following a hearing, it was decided that, in accordance with the Articles and policies of the Union, Mr Nuttall should be dismissed from his post with immediate effect. The decision may be subject to an appeal.

“An Acting President will be announced in due course. They will take office immediately and fill the role until June to provide continuity of leadership for the Union at what is a very difficult time for students at Lancaster.

We will shortly be going out for a by-election to fill the role of President for next academic year.  Full details will be available on the Students’ Union website.”

Further updates will be given as and when available, but for now, LUSU have released no further details, nor any information as to what the investigation into Mr Nuttall was surrounding.