A comprehensive guide to the best TikToks made by LUSU candidates this year

And some parody videos too

If it were any other year, LUSU hustings would be all over Alexandra Square. Big white sheets with a bright red slogan on would be draped across the steps to the underpass, A4 paper posters telling you to vote for the next VP Sports would be plastered all over the Spine, and you’d know you had to vote for something, even if you didn’t give a shit.

This year though, obviously, LUSU hustings are a little different. Not only is raising awareness of the vote taking place in every student forum you joined as a fresher, candidate campaigns are all over your TikTok fyp, Insta Reels and Facebook feed.

There’s a lot to get through; campaign parody videos and TikTok trends turned ‘vote for me’ clips are everywhere. Sit back and relax. Welcome to The Tab Lancaster’s comprehensive guide to the best (and worst) TikToks made by LUSU candidates this year.

 I’ve got not one… oh no, it is one… I’ve got one


Queen GC! Queen GC! We all know Gemma Collins is the original UK Hun, and the TikTok audio of Gemma explaining: “I’ve got not one…. oh no it is one… I’ve got one” fits perfectly with Amy’s no.1 campaign goal – being re-elected for better housing and mental health services.

What we need, this looks like a job for me


It’s the Eminem remix. Maybe not the man we’d all want to be the voice behind our hope for change, but it works for Max. In The Tab Lancaster style, Max seems to fit a comprehensive guide of what he wants to do as BAME Students Officer in a super short TikTok, before exclaiming, “This looks like the job for me!” Since he’s running unopposed, you could probably presume it is, in fact, a job for him.

What’s wrong with me? Why do I feel like this?

@indiathelegendwho’s sick of my face yet say i #election #campaign #lancaster #lancasteruni #lu #su #lusu #student #studentsunion♬ original sound – Camila

India is running for VP Union Development, and by using the audio of this Sugar classiqué in her TikTok, it might be fair to say her chances are looking good.

What Charlotte has to offer ft. Pizza Hut Taco Bell sound

It’s the first Insta Reel in the guide, and it’s a fun one. Charlotte, running for VP Welfare, seems to be dancing around her garden (we’re assuming not her student house garden because it is quite nice) whilst batting around all the reasons you should vote for her. It’s a smart move for Charlotte to dance in front of her big blue garden shed because it shows that even whilst she is presumably away from Lancs, she is always thinking of that big blue house, aka The Sugarhouse.

Can count on Sru ft. Ain’t no mountain high enough

@sruthichilukotiCan I count on you? #lancaster #lancasteruni #lancasteruniversity #studentunion♬ Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep you from voting for Sru! Nice.

It’s time to go vote for… Josh

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“Bored of reading campaigns?” Josh asks in the capture of his feature-length manifesto parody video. Can you be bored of reading something if you never started reading it in the first place?

In the first parody video of our guide, we’ve got arguably the best one. Josh knows what Lancaster students like, and the majority like Hamilton. Penning his own lyrics to the Broadway musical’s ‘One Shot’, Josh jumps around campus, arguably rapping, “It’s time to go vote for … Josh.” Considering he is running for VP Societies and Media, it’s an applaudable stunt.

I’ll be your dream VP Welfare

@amymerchantxI’ll be your dream Vice President Welfare! #lancaster #reelectamy #students #union #vote #elections #housemates♬ original sound – Zimxhh

Amy clearly has an eye for what’s trending on TikTok, pulling her mates in for a quick campaign-tok to remind you that she will be the dream VP Welfare you always dreamed of.

Pints and shots, 3-4-£5 VKs

I won’t lie; when this song was trending a couple of months ago, I had hoped I would never hear it again. But when Andy for UD popped up on my feed with a promise to bring back Grad Ball, I couldn’t not click. Andy can sing, which makes a nice change from the lip-syncing and arguable rapping, but the only promise I found after watching this was “Pints and Shots and 3-4-£5 VKs.”

Student voice thermometer

It’s almost like Andy for UD knew he had room for improvement after his first sing-song, so he returned with ‘The Full-Time Officer Song’. Visually, it’s a bit like watching a slideshow your mates whacked together for your 18th birthday, but lyrically – it’s a masterpiece. Andy penned the lyrics: “Auditor, philosopher, student voice thermometer” –  Eminem could never.

This is getting ridiculous now

@indiathelegendthis is getting ridiculous now #election #campaign #lancaster #lancasteruni #lu #su #lusu #student #studentsunion♬ Wish You Well by fyb.eli_ – king.jodey

She will end climate change. I believe her.

Something to do with Doctor Who, nothing to do with LUSU

In another feature-length film provided by a LUSU candidate this year, Timmy, running for LUSU President, kicks off a Doctor Who mini-series with this. Timmy doesn’t actually make an appearance in the video until you’re two minutes and 31 seconds deep, and then he casts himself as the Master (rather than the Doctor.) Listen, we don’t know what’s going on here, so we don’t expect you to either.

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