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The Sir Richard Owen Wetherspoons reopens after norovirus outbreak

“This has made my day.”

The Sir Richard Owen Wetherspoons in Lancaster city centre has reopened following the norovirus outbreak this week.

Earlier this week The Lancaster Tab found that Lancaster city centre's Wetherspoons had to close due to a contamination of norovirus. While this was initially denied as a refurb by The Sir Richard Owen, it was then confirmed by Wetherspoons HQ on Wednesday that the closure was due to the contamination of the norovirus.

Now the beloved pub is back in action and ready to serve the city to our heart's content. When asking students how they feel about the reopening, one person said, "This has made my day."

The celebrations continue as another student told The Lancaster Tab, "I love spoons. If I lived in town I would go for 2 for £12 pitchers every single day." She then went onto say, "I was fuming that it was shut because I couldn't get my cheap fry up."

Not everyone is rejoicing in the event of Spoons reopening. One concerned student told The Lancaster Tab, "I don't care that Spoons has reopened because I am a huge hypochondriac and don't want to get ill."

The Sir Richard Owen is now open.