A definitive ranking of the best nightclub smoking areas in Cardiff

Been spending most our night, clubbing in a smoker’s paradise

Whether it’s the rush of the SU’s double vodkas, or your friend who’s nagging you because they are craving a “vape break”, the smoking area is an inescapable part of your night out. Often the real socialising happens here, although you probably won’t remember much of what was said in the morning. Regardless, the night must go on, surrounded by chain smokers, serial vapers and so-called “social smokers”.

But what makes a smoking area supreme? And which is the best in Cardiff City? We ranked them so you can enjoy them:

REVS – 8/10 

Starting off strong with Revolution’s smoking area. Not only is it spacious, but its mini marques provide an ideal cover from the rain in these winter months. As well as this, it has heaters. 

Although spacious, some may say it gets too cramped by 12am on a Wednesday Met social night. For this reason, I’ve deducted points. Nonetheless, the hanging fairy lights are a charming touch.  

Side note, you’re bound to be nagged for nicotine in this smoker’s. Is sharing your vape really worth it just because you have the hots for them?

SU – 5.5/10  

Okay next up is the SU. This smoking area has a uniquely distinctive layout, almost resembling the slow lane on the M4. It’s very narrow, but it appears to go on for days. Nonetheless, it does have a sheltered area and two doors to avoid congestion.  

On a Wednesday night it is carnage and overpacked, but some may say that is part of the fun. Most definitely you will be nagged for a cigarette, or ransacked for your watermelon flavoured Elf Bar by a silly fresher.  

It is noticeably very dark and gloomy; a simple touch of outside fairy lights would bump the SU smoking area to a solid 6/10.


No thank you. On a busy night it feels very cramped and impractical as a smoking area. Sectioned off with barricades outside of the legendary club, it is most definitely not the place for a vape break. On a Saturday night, you will be elbow-to-elbow with Sam from Taly south and Megan from Taly court.

Two worlds collide when you notice those walking past to go to the nearby gym and you’re stuck, sectioned off in the cramped smoking area. Considering how tiny it is, it’s impressive that it takes up nearly half of the street. One point is given out of respect for the honored club, which has remained one of Cardiff’s best clubs for years.  

PRYZM – 6/10  

A slight upgrade from the SU. A mid smoking area. Potentially, above average depending on who you ask.  

There is not much to this smoking area besides the picnic tables and the minimal fairy lights. It is spacious compared to some of the others on the list. However, this does not compensate for the fact it is parallel to a taxi rank.  

Points for the fact you can speak to your friends who are queueing on the other side of the railings.

DISTRICT – 10/10  

Coming in at first place: DISTRICT’s smoking area (previously known as STORY nightclub). An elite rooftop smoking area, almost the size of a small football pitch. This smoker’s has it all, lights, benches, mini high-top tables to keep your drinks safe, and a bar.

Never cramped, this smoking area provides a more than a comfortable experience for nicotine addicts. Or, if you’re more of a low-key smoker, grab a drink from the outside bar and socialize with your mates.  

I’m sure that rating DISTRICT’s smoking area highly won’t come as a surprise to many, it really does set the bar high for other club smoking areas.  

Honourable mention: Peppermint Bar – 9/10  

Although not a club, Peppermint Bar does have an outstanding outside area. Heaters, lights, a lot of greenery, and tables-  this outside area is stunning. Why not enjoy a smoke while you sip your very fancy cocktail? 

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