The votes are in! This is officially Cardiff’s favourite Elf Bar flavour

Let’s just say that you’re all a bit fruity at heart

Nothing hits better on a night out than a cheeky vape, whether that’s a sneaky puff on the SU dancefloor or on your stumble back home after one too many VKs. However, the one thing that can completely make or break your experience is your choice in flavour. In order to avoid any future flavour fails, we asked Cardiff students what their go-to flavour is and found out once and for all what the most popular choice in Cardiff is.

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Fruity flavours were a clear hit with strawberry, kiwi and cherry ranking very high with our voters – if only they counted as one of your five a day.

If fruity flavours aren’t your style, you may opt for a blast from the past with a classic cotton candy. And if you’re really extra you might buy your vape purely to match your nails.

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Coming in for the top spot was, of course, watermelon. A trusted favourite by Cardiff students for its juicy vibes and fresh taste, you just can’t go wrong. We all like to experiment with our vape flavours every now and again, but if you want to make sure you’re not wasting your student loan on dodgy flavours like cola it seems that watermelon is definitely the way to go.

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