Important: Nominations are now open for Cardiff’s BNOC of the Year 2018

Cardiff legends come forth

Stop what you’re doing and find out what your fave Lidl bakery item says about you

It’s scientifically proven.

The real Dumping Ground from Tracy Beaker is in Cardiff, and we visited it

The DG is one of the seven wonders of the world

Here’s everything you need to do to become a rugby lad: a guide for girls

Beers, banter and more beers

The stereotypes of Taly you’ve definitely seen during first year

And will continue to see during your time at Uni

This is everything you need on your basic bitch Insta before you leave Cardiff

We’re all a little bit basic guys

Let’s face it, History is the best degree out there and here’s why

You’re lying to yourselves if you think otherwise

How to plan the worst date possible in Cathays

Why bother walking more than five minutes to get anywhere?

Why does every bitch in Cathays have these things in their room

Cacti, cacti everywhere, and you’re not even in the desert.

Oh the shame: All the mistakes you will undoubtedly make as a Cardiff Uni fresher

Regrets, regrets

40 reasons why Welsh students are better than English students

Because we’re lush

Can we all agree Salisbury is terrible for a night out

Crop tops are compulsory girls

Can we all just agree that the nightlife in Burton on Trent is the absolute worst

But we love it anyway and most of us wouldn’t miss a Dirty Thurs

Pryzm Kingston is the tragedy of Surrey that we love to hate

Cheeky Dallas after?

Woodgate cider: the official drink of Cathays

I love you with all my heart

Every girl you’ll meet in the toilets at the Lash

The good, the bad, and the terrifying

Meet the Cardiff mechanical engineer who’s also a Commonwealth Games athlete

It’s making us all feel pretty inadequate tbh

Pole sport is not sexy dancing in heels – it’s actually one of the toughest sports out there

It’s a hell of a lot harder than rugby

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