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We interviewed Cardiff Uni students who are in ‘Sex Education’ Season 2

They spill the tea on life behind the scenes

Last summer, three Cardiff University students received a call to appear on Sex Education, a popular Netflix-produced series. The Cardiff Tab asked Em Davies, Benny Wu and Caitlin Jones all things 'Sex Ed' to see if we could find out any spoilers for the new season.

Give us a little explanation on how you got the opportunity to be on sex education?

EM: "So last year I was on the committee for a Cardiff Uni society and we got an email through from one of the Assistant Directors of the show asking if he could ring me about something. So a couple days later he called and asked for members of the society to audition for the show! We went to the audition (which was in front of the Director and Assistant Director) and from there they chose those of us they wanted to be on the show."

Did you get the opportunity to meet the main characters personally? If so, what were they like?

EM: "We got to meet everyone except for Gillian Anderson (she’d already wrapped for the series). Everyone was super nice and welcoming."

BENNY: "Yes and it was amazing. It was really interesting because obviously in real life the actors are nothing like the roles they play. Completely different personalities. Kedar is a legend."

CAITLIN: "Yes! It was really cool just being around them and seeing them do their thing, and seeing the process of filming. Kedar who plays Jackson got involved in some of the warm up games we played with the dancers and that was great fun."

Can you tell us anything about your role in the show?

BENNY: "I'm afraid that's top secret data. Guess you'll find out if you watch the show."

CAITLIN: "You’ll spot us (very briefly) doing our thing if you watch the trailer. Or, you can watch the show and see us there (especially Episode 1 and 8)."

Describe a day on set? How long were you on the set? What did you do whilst you were waiting to go on?

EM: "We started most days at 5am, to gt to set for 6:30/7:30 call time depending. Most days we didn’t finish until after 8pm, but the time always went so quickly. It was tiring but worth it."

CAITLIN: "We would go through makeup and wardrobe which was sometimes really stressful because they had us, and all of the extras to get through. We would usually then get a coach to the nearby filming location for the day. There were times when we were on set for hours having to sit there while the actors re-did things but it was great to just be there watching, and we were constantly given water and biscuits and could make tea/coffee etc so it was great. If we were waiting off set, there was a kind of green room where we could sit with all of the dancers and extras and wait, and have a nap! Days on set were great, I miss it!"

Do you have any funny stories from the set?

EM: "There are so many funny stories from set but we can’t say any as they ruin the plot. Ask us on the release date!"

BENNY: "Someone shouted some pretty bad things during a PG take of a scene. There were kids around so it was meant to be censored, but that didn't entirely go to plan."

Finally, which sex education character do you relate to the most?

EM: "I had no idea so I did a Buzzfeed quiz and it told me I most related to Ola."

BENNY: "I feel like it would be Lily cuz she's weird as hell."

CAITLIN: "Hmm, probably Maeve because I can also be quite bitchy and moody like she was in Season 1 lol."

So we know the new season is coming, we know Kedar (Jackson) is a legend but we don't know what's going to happen. But let's be real, we don't mind binge watching Sex Education to find out for ourselves.

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