Say hello to Emma Mackey, Leeds graduate and Maeve Wiley in Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’

She is identical to Margot Robbie and I’m jealous


Netflix have just dropped their new series 'Sex Education'. It follows a bunch of 16-year-old sixth formers who are all either trying to figure out how to have sex or how to have better sex. Shy and awkward Otis, played by Asa Butterfield, becomes the school's unofficial sex therapist, dishing out the advice whilst the school's mysterious cool-girl, Maeve Wiley, collects the earnings from each "sex-therapy" session.

But who is Maeve in Netflix's Sex Education? Is she related to Margot Robbie?? And does she have pink hair irl?? Introducing Emma Mackey – Leeds grad and the kinda gal you wish you were friends with:

Emma went to the University of Leeds

Emma lived near Hyde Park on Burley Road.

Sex Education is Emma's first ever major TV role

She's only been in one other film, called Summit Fever.

She plays the lead female character Maeve Wiley

Maeve is the brains behind the business of making Otis the school's sex therapist. She's fairly mysterious, playing the "edgy" girl of the school.

Her life looks pretty normal, going to festivals and travelling

If you think she looks familiar, it's because people think she looks like a LOT like Margot Robbie

64.5k people follow her on Instagram

Her gram is super aesthetic, with pictures of flowers, arty buildings and museums – probably how you wish yours looked.

She does a bit of modelling too

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