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This is what the cast of Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ are like in real life

I want to be friends with them all


Netflix has just dropped its latest series, Sex Education. It follows a bunch of 16-year-old sixth formers who are all either trying to figure out how to have sex or how to have better sex. The son of a sex therapist teams up with his edgier and cooler classmate to set up their own sex clinic, and earn some cash.

In the show there's everyone you'd meet at your average school, from your typical nice girl to the Queen bee and from the shy kid to the edgy girl. But what are the cast members like IRL? Here is a rundown of the cast, and what their lives outside the school gates are like.

Emma Mackey – Maeve Wiley

Leeds grad Emma Mackey plays the school's mysterious cool-girl, Maeve Wiley. Emma went to University of Leeds and the show is her first major TV role. On her Instagram, which has 103k followers, it's clear she's a cool-girl in real life too, going to festivals and travelling a lot.

If you think she looks familiar that's probably because she is the spitting image of Margot Robbie. Her ridiculous good looks are probably why she's landed herself a few modelling roles too.

Asa Butterfiled – Otis Milburn

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Maeve and Otis

Awkward and shy Otis Milburn is played by Asa Butterfield. In the show he becomes the school’s unofficial sex therapist. 21-year-old Asa was born in Islington and has been acting since he was eight.

He's best known for his roles in the TV shows Merlin and Ashes to Ashes, as well as his film roles in Hugo, Nanny McPhee, and as Bruno in The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas when he was 10.

He has a million followers on Instagram and is known for his signature bright blue eyes.

Ncuti Gatwa – Eric

26-year-old Ncuti is best known for his role as Eric in Sex Education. Eric is Otis' best friend, and brings unapologetic diversity to the show.

Ncuti was raised in Edinburgh and Dunfermline, Fife in Scotland. He studied drama at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow and graduated from there in 2013 with a BA in Acting.

Mimi Keene – Ruby

20-year-old Mimi Keene plays Ruby, the Queen bee of the school. If you think she looks familiar that's because she played Cindy in EastEnders for 122 episodes. The actress has 66k followers on her Instagram.

Kedar Williams-Stirling – Jackson Marchetti

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The golden boy of the school, Jackson Marchetti is played by Kedar Williams-Sterling. He's best known for being Tom in Wolfblood, but he's also had a series of TV appearances, starring in shows such as Doctors, Death in Paradise, Silent Witness and The Bill.

He has 32k followers on his Instagram page, and from there it is pretty clear that he too travels a lot, and he loves his dog. Cute.

Connor Swindells – Adam Groff

School bully and head master's son, Adam Groff, is played by Connor Swindells. Sex Education is Connor's first major role. He was also in a film called VS last year.

Aimee-Lou Wood – Aimee Gibbs

Sex Education is also Aimee-Lou Wood's first major role. She plays Aimee Gibbs, your typical nice girl.

Aimee has nearly 18k followers on her Instagram, and on there looks like one of the coolest members of the cast IRL. She's always pictured out having fun, at festivals, travelling and just looking like the kind of person you want to be best friends with. Plus, Aimee and Connor Swindells, who plays Adam are dating IRL!!!

Tanya Reynolds – Lily

Lily is defined as the school virgin. In the show, she enlists the help of Otis so she can lose her virginity. Lily is played by Tanya Reynolds. Tanya was also in Death in Paradise alongside Kedar Williams-Stirling.

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