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Clubbers of the Week is back and you have not disappointed

Did you make it this time?

It's that time of the week again: Cardiff's Clubbers of the Week is back.

Time to see who busted the best moves, drank the most VKs or stood out from the crowd.

I mean, have you ever seen someone give this much effort for a Quids In burger?

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Free cheeseburgers > everything else

This is actual goals. Friendship goals, relationship goals, all the goals. What's a bigger display of affection?

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Hopefully neither of them got Mumps

1 VK, 2 VK, 3 VK, Floor

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Those inflatable unicorns are some dangerous shit

Have you ever seen someone more excited for nuggets?

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The satisfaction when your ex downgrades in the club

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It's a genuine LOL moment

Trying to figure out if the coursework was due tomorrow morning AND if it was mandatory

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God pls help x

The look on your face when you just know you've made Clubbers of the Week

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Pure joy

The glitter is great and everything but can we just appreciate that guy is probably searching for his mates

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The lonely and friendless balcony

Odds on this girl finally being reunited with her mates after getting lost in the moshpit

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We've all been a lost puppy in the SU

Angry? Happy? Confused? Dissatisfied? Scared of paps? So many possible emotions

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Hands up anyway

When your song comes on but you also need a picture

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His mate is only there for the pic let's be honest

The good ol' flirting over fancy dress props, never gets old

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Right it's on everyone minds, did she get drenched with VK?

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And if she didn't, then why hasn't he lobbed his empty bottle yet?

He's nailed it, this is what sports bras are REALLY FOR

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Ladies and Gents, I present you with a genius

We've all been there, those empty VK bottles on the floor are LETHAL

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Hope you managed to keep yourself up mate

When you realise she fancies your friend more than you

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Word of advice, don't introduce your crush to your mates x

Hands down the photobomb of the week

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He obviously just got too excited

10/10 for trying to bring back the 2012 'look away for the effect' pose

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It's worked tbf

So there you have it, your weekly dose of Clubbers of the Week. Check back again for next week's top clubbers.