Cardiff’s most eligible bachelorette: Round Five

We need a semi final there’s so many girls

It's safe to say, girls get nominated more than boys and so we bring you the final round. Then we're going to have a semi final for the girls and then the grand finale!! In this round we have a girl who bodyshots off hoovers, an SU trooper and a scrounging drinker. Vote at the end before we hold the semi final.

Jessica Pitchforth, 2nd year Chemistry

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Jessica is nicknamed "Big Tits Pitch". She's full of bants and is sassy as she is stunning. However, she is in need to someone to body shot off of because we can't have her 'body shoting' off Henry the hoover again… If you want to find some 'chemistry' with someone, this is your gal".

Ellen Feldman, 3rd year Psychology

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Ellen is a trooper who has made it to every Lash Wednesday and Juice Saturday this semester. She has never left without a lad to go home with and when she does bring them back, she has another knocking on the door for her. Ellen really is the ultimate definition of a lad/ fuckboy. Did someone order a legend?

Milly Wright, 2nd year International Business Management

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Milly can get ready in 4 minutes flat which makes her a great pal for a spontaneous night at Live Lounge. She likes to drink and drink she does. Tequila, vodka, whatever you have – she'll drink it. Milly is also incapable at cooking meaning her housemates give her all the leftovers because otherwise she wouldn't eat. She once burnt rice. Milly is an all round great girl but she just does not know how to date so vote for her and help a girl out.

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