Grace Withers
Co-Editor of The Cardiff Tab
Deputy Editor at The Tab Cardiff, 22 year old Philosophy & Economics student hmu

It’s happening: Fight Night is introducing its first female fight

The event will take place on 3rd December

‘Houseplanting’ is worse than ghosting and I’m scared for us all

Who knew this had a name

Sliding into DMs, free socks and dogs: All the things unis are doing to fill places

What am I supposed to do with these socks?

How to know if you’re stuck in the fuckzone

It’s way, way worse than the friendzone

The things no one tells you about as a Cardiff fresher

Get ready for a grand three years

Quidz is moving to Story and Tommy Fury is going

Tommy will be there on 23rd September

McDonald’s items you can get in other countries, but literally no where else

Brb booking my flight to Norway for vegan nugs

Love Island’s Wes Nelson and Arabella are dating?!

I’m sorry whattt

Get excited, Glam is getting a multi-million pound refurb

It is now called Story

An Edi professor has been found guilty of sexual assault on students

He will be sentenced on the 18th September

You can now buy the period delay pill from the high street

Unpack your tampons ladies

These are the pills going around this year with dangerous amounts of MDMA

Some contain three times the recommended dose

Everything we know happened at the Love Island After Party

So much drama, so little air time

Climate change protests are taking place in Cardiff this week

Protestors are calling it the Summer Uprising

Cardiff gave History students incorrect marks on an essay and now they don’t know if they have a 2:1 or not

They won’t find out the correct marks for a week

Cardiff vegan hotspot Milgi is closing down next week

It was announced yesterday that the City Road favourite will be closing its doors

A burger festival is coming to Cardiff

There will also be an Easter Egg hunt

Gentlemen’s Fight Night 2019: Meet the contenders

Bring on the boys

Bump and Grind has a new home and we can’t wait for it to return

The popular club night will start again next week

People were stuck in a St David’s lift for 30 MINUTES as it ‘flew up and down’

One of the lifts in St David’s ‘flew up and down’ on Saturday with 13 people in it