Caesarian Sunday-ers of the week

Like Clubbers of the week, but messier. Oh so messier.

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In a final hurrah before the onset of the exam period, Cantabs everywhere have been celebrating, all congregating for the yearly pre-exams piss up on Jesus Green. 

Most of the celebrations were tame, although two students were hospitalised with one suffering from third-degree burns after being set on fire. 

Our journalists were, true to their nature, lurking around the scene, on the look out for inebriated Cantabs to plaster all over The Tab.

Here are all the photos from Sunday’s action:

Red Chinos of the Week

Debasing stereotypes in style

Squads of the week

The girl on the left’s nonchalance is unreal

Cougars assemble

Squad squad squad

A level Results day pose of the Week

“We can have fun without drinking!”

Obligatory we-stole-a-trolly-and-went-on-a-mad-one-photo of the Week

There’s a Cantab one pound worse off somewhere because of this

Runner up:

Even Nat-Scis can have fun with the right amount of beer

Flag-bearer of the Week

All hail the Caesarians

Runner up:

Cover of next year’s prospectus?

Fun-Policeman of the Week:

I’m arresting you because all your mates will think it’s funny and I’m a top bloke

Runner Up:

Law enforcement is boring, anyway

Uncoordinated-photo-subjects of the Week:

Awkwardness has reached painful levels

We didn’t quite make the cut, because we’re all just a little too mundane:

Pimm’s, anyone?

Sweet, simple mundanity

Nice attempt at being interesting with your cigars, but alas, you were mundane

Good luck in the Tripos exams, Cambridge, so you can let your hair down in time for May-Ballers of the Week.

Photo Credit: Jack Benda