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The definitive ranking of Cambridge student stereotypes

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Non-religious, left-wing, feminist, pro-life and proud

Non-religious, left-wing, feminist pro-lifers exist in Cambridge.

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Minority Report

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Eton Mess: A Response

Are Cambridge’s gates open to all? In the wake of more national press coverage for Cambridge, PRANJAL ARYA assesses who is to blame for the stereotypes that surround our university.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

JAMIE MATHIESON may be a walking stereotype, but he ain’t got nothing on this movie.

“Blackface” Bop Blunder

Homerton students were warned not to black up for a bop last night.

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Why ‘Best in Cambridge’ could demonstrate the worst in Reality Television.

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ISOBEL PRITCHARD questions whether Cambridge students are as pompous as everyone seems to believe we are.

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