Which is Cambridge’s most notorious drinking society?

We want you, cherished readers, to help us choose.

News Roundup Week 2: Sun, Sex, and Suspicious Papparazos

ARMIN SOLIMANI rounds up a debauched week of warm days and warmer sheep

Caesarian Sunday-ers of the week

Like Clubbers of the week, but messier. Oh so messier.

WHAT TO WEAR: Caesarian Sunday

Police hats obligatory.

Daily Mail is shocked to see Cambridge students outside

So Caesarian Sunday happened again… And the photographers were out in force

Raging Trinitarians booze it up in Caesarian Sunday madness: take out frustrations on table tennis bat, giant Jenga

In a first for the college, students have been caught not studying

My Caesarian Sunday

ROSS PITALL recalls an eventful Caesarian Sunday

TabTV Inside: Caesarian Sunday

TabTV’s HUNTER ALLEN and NICK HARRIS venture inside the belly of the beast…

Don’t Be Ashamed Of Caesarian Sunday

The infamous JOHNNIE WYVERN on why the party shouldn’t stop.