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An Open Letter to the Overly Keen Cantab

*posts another photo of Kings Chapel*

May-Ballers of the Week

No one is safe

Caesarian Sunday-ers of the week

Like Clubbers of the week, but messier. Oh so messier.

Fresh Prince of Ballare: The best club photos this week

As the tide of exams recedes, the tsunami that is the Cambridge clubbing scene has returned

Best Dressed – May Week

Now that May Week is over, remind yourself of the shimmering highlights with these sartorially stunning snaps.

BEST CUMS 2014: Can you identify these orgasms?

Play our interactive game and match the faces of these climaxing students to their orgasmic moans.

The Instagoddess and her 70,000 Disciples

We speak to CAROLINE CALLOWAY: a fresher who studies History of Art and has 70,000 followers on Instagram.

Snapchat: The Ugly Face of Social Media?

A snapshot of hilarity, or have we all become a bit too selfie-obsessed? TILLY BENNETT-JONES and WILL PITHERS go chin-to-chin in a Snapchat debate.

Interview: Vas Annaastasiou

As Gardies turns 50, TABATHA LEGGETT talks to manager VAS ANNAASTASIOU about drunk students, art exhibition plans and aphrodisiacs.

In Photos: May Bumps

Featuring W1 and M1.

In Photos: Mays Day 1

Day 1 action shots W1 and M1

In Photos: May Bumps

W2 and M2 action shots.

Varsity Football: In Photos

Photos of the 126th annual Varsity match.

All The Best Photos From Cindy’s and Fez

From this week The Tab will feature all the best photos from Sunday Fez and Tuesday Cindy’s.