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BREAKING: Police called after Library evacuated for ‘security reasons’

A suspicious package was left in the library

The Main Library was been evacuated at approximately 6:40pm this evening for security reasons.

The police were called and showed up soon after students were evacuated.

The library has now been reopened and students have been assured the threat is gone.

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Students were stranded for an hour

Students were first made aware of the evacuation when an announcement over the speaker in the library asked them to leave the building immediately due to a security threat. One student, who was there, told the Birmingham Tab: "We all just got evacuated for security reasons and then the police turned up".

Many students still had belongings in the building that they were not allowed to recover. A student who had left her stuff in the Library told us "lots of people have keys and stuff so we were stranded without being able to get home".

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The police were called

The students on the scene have told the tab they suspect it was a bomb threat. One student told us he spoke to the security organising the evacuation: "they told me there was a suspicious package found in the library. Asked the one if they meant a bomb threat and he said yes".