Anna Paulins
Editor of The Birmingham Tab

Green Heart to be turned into 5-a-side pitches


Turns out UoB didn’t spend a single penny on the weird HuddleBox in the library

Thank god for that

Hold up! There’s Kitty Cafe opening in Grand Central with 30 cats roaming free

Sounds purrrrrrrfect

Vote in UoB’s hottest single: Heat one

Searching for the fittest of the fit

Nominate UoB’s Hottest Single

Let’s be grateful for those killer genes

Brum’s Vice-Chancellor bags a £5k pay rise

Does anyone even know his name?

BREAKING: Pryzm cordoned off as fire engines park outside

An eyewitness said they were carrying ‘something that resembled a sex doll’

Revealed: The top unis giving out firsts like candy

The top ten were over 30 per cent

Homeless man found dead near the Bullring

His death is not thought to be suspicious

NUS to go bankrupt in spring, according to leaked document

Lack of funding could hit student services

We went to a pleasure workshop and here’s what we learnt about our vaginas

Apparently only 63 per cent of straight women orgasm during sex

There’s going to be an online graph telling you how busy the gym is coming soon

I’ll finally be able to get on the machines

Professor emails pic of empty lecture to her 400 English students after no one turns up

Not one. single. person

Birmingham council may dim street lights to save money, which is exactly what Selly needs

The council claims it is the ‘most challenging period’

Birmingham named the most burgled city in the UK after London

How much do you bet most of those were in Selly?

Greggs will be giving out free festive bakes in Birmingham tomorrow

Get in my belly

‘KGB’-like Student Loan Company taking away students’ finance after stalking them on Facebook

They claimed social media is a ‘public source of information’

Entire library evacuated for an ‘unattended bag’

Classic saving seats gone wrong

BREAKING: Police called after Library evacuated for ‘security reasons’

A suspicious package was left in the library

There’s a free bus taking students home safely from campus from Monday

All aboard the Selly Express