Rebekah Stillwell
Social Media Editor at The Birmingham Tab

Two people stabbed in an attack at the Bullring

Yesterday two teenagers were stabbed in Birmingham at the Bullring

What the time you go to big Sainbury’s says about you

Here’s what the time you go to Big Sainos say’s about you

UoB to scrap third semester in 2020

Bye, Bye Christmas Hols

Meet the best dressed from the Vale fireworks

The fireworks weren’t the only things popping off on Thursday

Alternative things to do this reading week in Birmingham

Here are some different activities to do this reading week to get yourself out there

The 5 Types of people you will find at a gig

We’ve all been at least one of these people at some point

We asked UoB students for their lecture horror stories

Going above and beyond the average lecture trauma

This is what it’s actually like to have lesbian sex, by a lesbian

Just because I use a strap on does not mean I want a dick

The creepiest places in Selly Oak

all of these are definitely haunted

A beginner’s guide to Birmingham’s LGBTQ+ nights out

All you need to know about navigating Birmingham’s Gay Village

ANOTHER Cannabis factory has been found in Selly Oak

It’s the second factory discovered in Selly Oak this week

Students and staff strike for their rights at UoB

Unison are entering their sixth day of strike action on campus, campgaining for equal pay and fair wage

I know we’re all worrying, so here’s how to have an eco-friendly Freshers’

Make Greta proud this Freshers’ Week

UoB is getting rid of ‘conditional unconditional’ offers

RIP easy A-levels

UoB urged to strip MEP of honorary degree after gay comments

Ann Widdecombe said science might yet ‘produce an answer’ for being gay

BREAKING NEWS: Van crashes into local shopfront on Bristol Road

A White Van has crashed into the front of the Romeo Pizza takeaway on Bristol Road

The legend who set up a coffee station in the library says he got away with the whole thing

Forget Starbucks, get your coffee in the library at zone 2D

Reading books and serving looks: We did a photo shoot in the library and here’s how it went

Grab your library cards and check out Ellie, Saoirse and Kate modelling in UoB library

‘We need desks not plastic boxes’: People are absolutely rinsing UoB’s new solution to lack of study spaces

New library ‘HuddleBox’ criticised by students for being completely impractical

BREAKING: Two Police cars spotted on Dawlish Road regarding a stop and search

Two Police cars were seen on Dawlish Road at 5:30 today taking at least one man away