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There’s a restaurant in Birmingham doing bottomless chicken nuggets TODAY

Yes please

For one night and one night only a restaurant chain in Birmingham will be doing bottomless chicken nuggets.

The chain is called Rub Smokehouse and for an hour and a half you can gorge yourself on as many nuggets, chips and sauces as you want to help mask the panic of deadlines for only £14.95.

Crowned "Chicken nugget day" this offer is available today, Monday 13th of November.

The only catch being that you must eat a portion of fries for each portion of nuggets. Stuff 'cook for a day eat for a week', why not eat for a week in one day?

Rub Smokehouse is on Broadstreet opposite Walkabout, so why not curb the winter assignment blues and celebrate the national holiday that is chicken nugget day?

Featured image: kristofarndt via Flickr