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‘We had to shelter because the car was exploding’: Students describe terrifying car fire on Exeter Road

It was suspected arson

Last night, West Midlands Fire service received the first call about a car on fire on Exeter Road in the Selly Oak area.

Local students continued to call multiple times as they stepped out of their front doors to find the scene of the fire.

Students feared that they would be in danger if the flames were to escalate.

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The Tab spoke to one of the students who lives in the house behind where the car was parked. He said 'we had to stand in our back garden for shelter because the car was exploding. It was so loud we could hear it from our garden'.

The Bournbrook fire department responded to the call and we spoke to the local fire services earlier today. West Midlands fire department reported that 'there were two vehicles involved in the suspected arson attack. The first was in flames on the street and the second was a nearby car affected by the fire due to heat damage'.

Fire services were at the scene for an hour and four minutes, while residents of the street watched the flames unfurl.

It is believed that these fires are a result of an arson attack, however the events are still under investigation and have been handed over to the local police services.