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Extinction Rebellion has started a student lead group at UoB and here’s how you can get involved

They’re holding their first event on the Green Heart this Friday

Looking for a way to get involved in the climate revolution? Well now you can! Extinction Rebellion have started student lead group at UoB and are throwing a picnic this Friday at 11am on the green heart.

Today the student-led group was on campus, leafleting to spread their message and make the movement more accessible.

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The group told The Birmingham Tab that "We are launching and declaring our rebellion against the University, and demanding that they teach the truth, act now, and create a new politics to deal with the climate, social and ecological crisis".

"We really want people to know they can make a difference, everyone who shares us, takes a poster or comes along to an event helps to create change. It would be amazing if we could try and make the University go fossil free!"

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To find out more about XR UoB check them out on facebook and instagram.